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Dec 2, 2010 07:52 PM

Wedding Reception Venues Needed! Help!

I am looking for a wedding venue reception. We're not too fussy on 'glamour' but would like good food at a low price (really low). We'd like to have a dance floor as well - does anyone know of any budget venues? I feel like I've searched out all of the regular well known ones. A restaurant with a dance floor would be fine. Or a venue where you have to bring in a caterer - recommendations for a low cost caterer would be nice as well!

It could be for 70-100 guests - I'm flexible in terms of numbers. Something in the Toronto area would be good.

Thank you thank you thank you!


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  1. You could try the 424 on Wellington. Not a crazy beautiful space but very function and cheap - ie less than $1,000 for a Friday or Sat night. You have to bring in your own caterer and rentals.

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      Are they easy to reach? How is their customer service? Their website seems to be down and their phone/voicemail seems iffy...

      1. re: zinasj

        I've done a few events there but the last one was about five years ago. At the time is was a very sweet old lady running the place. She wasn't technology friendly but very easy to work with any accommodating. Due to her age at the time (I'm guessing about 70) it may have changes hands however, the last time I checked the website (about six months ago) it was still very budget friendly.

        1. re: JennaBean

          They are closed down, I got through today. I think it was the lady that answered and she said they were closed down now :(

          1. re: zinasj

            That's a shame. It was an affordable venue that was also an interesting space and they had a great patio/deck for the summer time.

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