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Dec 2, 2010 07:31 PM

Visitor report - Pied de Cochon, Piment Rouge, Schwartz’s

Hello Montreal chowhounders, you have some great restaurants in your city! Just visited from Los Angeles and had three excellent meals at Pied de Cochon, Piment Rouge and Schwartz’s. Favorite dishes from this trip… Duck in a can and foie gras poutine from Pied de Cochon. Gobi style grilled rack of lamb and roasted Chinese pumpkin walnut soup from Piment Rouge. And of course the smoked meat sandwich medium fat with dill pickle from Schwartz’s!

Will be back in Montreal again next year, so want to try other chowhound favorites. What do you recommend besides Pied de Cochon for top local cuisine - Garde Manger a good choice? What about other non-local cuisine restaurants like Piment Rouge that are at top of their food category in Canada/USA - Milos and Ferreira good choices?

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  1. Garde-Manger is a fun place with good, albeit expensive, food although I wouldn't say it is necessarily indicative of "local" cuisine in the sense of PDC. Their seafood platters are excellent though and generally it is a good time.
    You are right on - both Milos and Ferreira are excellent choices for fish and seafood.

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      1. Gandhi for Indian food in Old Montreal certainly fits the bill for your second category - IMO, it's one of the best Indian restaurants in the country.

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          Not a fan of Gandhi's... I found the food to be bland at best. I'd definitely go to Le Taj on Stanley St. instead...

        2. Thanks for the recommendations Berbatov and VinnyRW. I saw the list of Le Devoir's top 12 restaurants for 2010 discussed. Unfortunately, I don't read much French, but looks like some interesting restaurants to try based on comments from other chowhounds. Will try Gandhi and Europea. Europea's chef's accomplishments look tremendous and the hotel on my last visit also highly recommended this place. Also, will definitely go back to Piment Rouge. There is lots of excellent casual Chinese food in California, but nothing of the finesse or quality level of Piment Rouge that I've had anywhere except for some of the very top Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.

          Also, is DNA a good restaurant to try? They look interesting, but expensive for a casual-type place.

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          1. DNA is a truly excellent restaurant. As you say though, it is quite pricey for dinner. I've heard from people who have spent hundreds on the tasting menu with wine pairings and said it was really a great experience with fantastic food of course. I seem to recall that if you go for lunch it is more reasonable, but I may be mixing it up. Their homemade charcuterie is awesome.
            I have to say I thought the Devoir's selections were a bit odd. Not bad or wrong by any means just not what I was expecting I guess.
            Joe Beef is another great place for (ironically) seafood but again it isn't easy on the wallet.

            Joe Beef
            2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA