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Dec 2, 2010 05:11 PM

Quesadilla lady in Mexico City

Went to D.F. a week ago and was ready to visit some of the places that Bourdain sampled in his Mexico episode. We wanted to try the quesadilla made by Anastasia the quesadilla lady. So we took the metro to the Chilpancingo station and walked to the location provided by the show web site (Chilpancingo/ Huatusco). Did not see the snack stand there. A bit bummed, we decided to walked along the Chilpancingo street back to the station to see if she has moved her stand. Found it at the south east corner of the intersection of Chilpancingo/ Bajio, which is a few blocks away.

Tried one quesadilla between the two of us. the blue corn tortilla was very light, fluffy and delicious. The ingredients you can tell are very fresh. we had one with mostly some 'green looking vegetables' (pardon my inability to ask her what exactly it is). Compared to most street food that usually overly rely on salt and grease to provide flavor, she has a very light touch in her approach.

She asked whether we came because of the television (at least i think that's what she was asking because of my very limited spanish). we were a bit bummed to have the space for only one quesadilla since we just filled up on a big breakfast at Fonda Margarita, further down the Insurgentes. we paid for it and left. how i wish i was able to tell her that we'd like to eat more but can't. (If somebody on chowhound is eating there soon, please pass along our high praise for her quesadilla for us!) and how we wished we had some of her quesadillas with us during our long bus ride later that day!

The location:

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  1. There are quesadilla stands (and other antojitos) stands all over el DF. Anthony Bourdain's spotlighting one stand does not necessarily mean the featured one is the best.

    We had super quesadillas at the corner of Calles Tlaxcala and, Manzanillo in Colonia Roma Sur. That's not very far from Bourdain's Quesadilla Lady. There may be even better ones elsewhere. Good food is where you find it.

    Many puestos shift location, or may even go out of business.
    The Location:

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      Agreed,Picking the best quesadilla stand in Mexico City is impossible, and the fact that it was featured indicates little other than it was someone's favorite. I think practically every neighborhood has great quesadilla ladies. Even when you find a better one of these, there's even a better one than that nearby. That's what's beautiful about Mexico City. There's some nice ones on Calle Lopez ,near the Mercado San Juan.

      1. re: Anonimo

        Anonimo, I did not say that the quesadilla is the best. I said I liked it a lot, and the stand was profiled earlier on TV, and that I wanted to share my experience on the board.

        I do agree that there is no such thing as absolute best in quesadilla for such a huge city as DF.

        1. re: ckshen

          I admit that I over reacted, and I apologize. My reaction wasn't to any implication that it was "the best", but that somehow, Bourdain's visit had given it a special fame.

          For me,much of the pleasure of eating street food in Mexico City is discovering places serendipitously. But I don't doubt that the Quesadilla Lady in question makes good quesadillas.

          Paz y saludos,

          1. re: Anonimo

            I think it's really excellent that ckshen mentioned Bourdain as the source so that members in the field can evaluate the No Reservations crew's vetting.

            Automatically disparaging a rec from Bourdain would be as silly as automatically endorsing it.

            1. re: Soul Vole

              You can tell Bourdain's own evaluation of the food that his crew took him to eat. An excited 'This is fabulous' sounds like he likes it a lot. A monotonous 'This is good' sounds like the food is closer to average but he's being nice on camera not to be too harsh about it. Anything less than that probably is something that he doesn't like at all.

              Obviously he has his own preference, as i observe him to gravitate towards fatty goodness.

              Seems like the crew like to go to local food bloggers for arranging the food itinerary, but not sure how they go about assessing whether a place is worthy to go at the end. lots of research and maybe even some chowhound reading?

        2. Thanks for sharing, it sounds really good!

          As to why you are receiving refutations that this isn't the best quesadilla spot in the city, I'm powerless to explain. You clearly implied no such thing and are simply sharing an experience which you enjoyed. Well, I certainly appreciate it. Thank you.