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Dec 2, 2010 04:45 PM

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Omni Parker House -- anything good open around there?

I'll be spending the Christmas weekend at the Omni Parker House in Boston and am looking for interesting and delicious food options close by. Complicating factors include: elderly parent who can't walk far, and dog who can't be left alone in hotel roon, so I'm guessing it will be up to me to scoot out and get food. We may do one meal at the hotel restaurant, but I'm interested in any sushi, middle eastern or not-to-be-missed spots that would be open and that do decent take out or delivery. Thanks in advance for your wonderful suggestions -- Chowhounders never let me down!!

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  1. If you can leave your hound in the room for a short while this might be a nice option for Christmas Eve - 7 Fishes dinner at marliaves. it's not too far. And perhaps you can tip the bellboy to check in on your dog. Unless they bark, they should be ok for a short while.

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      Good suggestion. However if they are doing a true 7 fishes dinner, it might be a good bit more than a short while.

      1. re: Gabatta

        I think the regular menu is also available, and I think the seven fishes is done in 3 courses. It may also be available at Grotto the parent restaurant but the walk up and down the hill could be a bit much depending on parent and weather.