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Dec 2, 2010 04:44 PM

Recos in Aguascalientes

Travelling from Toronto to Aguascalientes in January for a a few days of business. Can anyone recommend good local cuisine in the area? What is the local specialty?

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  1. The place that has traditional Aguascalientes food in the centro historico is El Saturnino. Classic Ags fare. The cueritos are to die for, think they come with all meals. No one else does 'em like this in other states!

    Go to the central mercado for lamb birria served with oregano instead of cilantro.

    The taco scene is about the lechon, gringas(tortilla,cheese, and al pastor), and lecheras(tortilla with cheese and asada. They're like quesadillas with meat, gringas and lecheras.

    Lots of great antojitos:red pozole,menudo, enchiladas, flautas, esmeriles, gorditas,condonches. These shouldn't be overlooked, AGs excels at these plates. Torrejas con miel for dessert.

    Mole estilo Aguascalientes, very similar to Mole Poblano. Incredible carnitas on the outskirts of town, too.

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