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Dec 2, 2010 04:43 PM

Need advice for SPECIAL trip!

I am accompanying my 76 yr old mother and her 60 yr old sister to NYC for 4 days the week of 12/12. Both are VERY healthy and we will walk a million miles! We have been to NYC a number of times---in fact, it's the ONLY place my otherwise usually homesick mother will visit! But, this year's trip is different. We usually have a huge party of at least 12 we drag along.....this year it's just the 3 of us! :-) Whoot-whooot! That being said....with my mom not getting any younger, I want this to be the BEST TRIP EVER. We have tickets to Driving Miss Daisy (very excited to see James Earl Jones), the Rockettes (what would Christmas be without them?), and Handel's Messiah at the NY Philharmonic!!! OK, so you get the pic. I would like to take them for memorable meals before the play and the Messiah. Additionally, I would LOVE to take them some place memorable after for dessert and coffee. Doesn't haven to be expensive.....just delicious and MEMORABLE. Dessert (or a meal) some place with a view of the city would be nice. SUGGESTIONS??? THANK YOU for helping me plan a very special trip for two of the most precious ladies on earth! WE LOVE YOU NYC!!!

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  1. Neighborhoods? Budget? Types of cuisine? Level of formality?

    1. Trattoria del Arte
      Redeye Grill
      The View
      Alice's Teacup
      L Masseria

      Redeye Grill
      890 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019

      1. OK, slow down now...

        Driving Miss Daisy is 252 W. 45th St. near 8th Ave and you want a pre-theatre meal? Dinner before a night time show? Or is this lunch before a matinee? And dessert/coffee after?

        Rockettes would be near Radio City Music Hall and what are you looking for nearby? You only mentioned the play and Messiah. Is this just dessert/coffee after?

        And for Handel's Messiah is at Lincoln Center and you want a pre-show meal nearby? Dinner or lunch? And dessert/coffee after?

        What's the maximum you're willing to spend for a meal near one of your shows, not including tax, tip, drinks/wine? $100? $50? A specific dollar figure is most helpful.

        1. If you want a view of the city in the midtown area, some of the spots in Columbus Circle such as Landmarc will give you a view of Central Park. I won't say that the food is particularly knockout, but it is solid fare and the views make it more memorable.

          179 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013