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Nov 4, 2005 06:45 PM

best pho in ktown?

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i know that theres no such thing as good korean pho.
but which spot is the least offensive? i saw theres now a pho 4000. hopefully its twice as good as pho 2000, but with names like that i know theyre bound to suck. theres also a place around western and 5th near the california market. and another one on the west side of the street on western.

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    rabo encendido

    The place on Western, on the West side of the street is Pho Western. Not bad for Koreatown, especially at 3AM after some serious drinking.

    Pho Western Restaurant
    (213) 387-9100
    425 S Western Ave # A
    Los Angeles, CA 90020

    1. pho viet just opened on vermont between 1st and 3rd. not bad. owned and run by real vietnamese people too.

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        I eat there because I live fairly close, but if you're looking for GOOD pho, this probably isn't the place. The broth is unremarkable and is served REALLY HOT temperature-wise. I'm constantly amazed at how hot it is, and am always wondering why it isn't actually bubbling. The noodles are kind of anemic and overall the portions are kind of skimpy. But it's close and it's cheap, and I don't get sick from eating it, so I go once or twice a week.

      2. thanks,

        ill give'em a shot.

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          Indeed no such thing as good Korean Pho, because Koreans use pre-made stock in their base giving it that instant flavor.
          My co-worker was talking about Pho 4000 on Western saying it's owned by real Vietnamese people, I will definitely give it a try next time I'm in K-town hankering for a good bowl of pho...