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Dec 2, 2010 01:21 PM

Birmingham, MI, "Holiday German Winter Markt" Fri-Sun [DTW]

Per the Birmingham discussion from a few weeks ago, the "1st Annual" outdoor "Winter Markt" finally is arriving.

The schedule looks decent, but vague.

I'm hoping it will exceed my cautious expectations. After all, it's sponsored by some big Germany companies, so it may be rather top class. Apparently there will be various English and German young peoples choirs, so hey that's got to be nice, particularly when my family and I have the freedom to enjoy them and then move on according to our whims, rather than being trapped on a fold out chair for two hours in a school cafeteria recital.

"Traditional German food and drink" supposedly will be on offer at the Community House patio, so I'm very curious. (unfortunately, I had to have a tooth pulled today, so I may be forced to attend on Sat. or Sun. rather than tomorrow.)

Please report out if you beat me there, and don't forget to comment on the "drinks" aspects! Thx

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  1. Und wo ist die Überraschung des Deutsch Spezialitäten?

    And where are the German specialities for food ???

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    1. re: goatgolfer

      :-) I assume you read the part about being on the Community House patio, but further are asking whether Germans actually have food that can be classified as specialties....
      I'll report back, once I get there. Though, perhaps there will be some angry Germans who pipe-in first.

    2. Ich hoffe dass est Bratwurst mit Broetchen gibt.

      Und frische Stollen, vielleicht. Und Springerle

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      1. re: coney with everything

        I rec'd a text saying the event is modest in size but well attended...and the food line wait is SUPER-long. Maybe the food rush will smooth out over the Saturday afternoon/evening period, as opposed to Friday's after-work blitz.

      2. Just got back from Wintermarkt. The Nuerenberger brat was worth the trip all by itself. Not like the Sheboygan kind. Very finely ground meat and just a hint of nutmeg. $6 with kraut. Line was minimal. Pretty good organization.

        Only drinks I saw were mulled wine but lots of people were having it. Hot food is at the community house and there were ~30 crafty/artsy/small vendor tents. Ice sculptures were cool.

        If you're in the mood for veal loaf or bratwurst it's worth the trip. Lots of kids and strollers. I heard Santa was there but I didn't see him.

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        1. re: goatgolfer

          Thanks goatgolfer. I went there just after your report, and had that long skinny Nuerenberger brat with the warm sauerkraut, which itself also contained chunks of another sausage. Quite tasty.

          I also tried the veal loaf and it was fantastic…too bad it was served on a crappy industrial burger bun (boiled potatoes would have been so much better). The mulled wine (gluehwein) was a big winner. I went back for seconds. When I was there, beer and white wine also were on offer, but I don’t recall seeing them on the menu. I also tried the potato pancakes. They didn’t please me as much as the other offerings.

          Overall, I’d say the menu was not overly ambitious, but under the direction of the local German-American club, the house catering staff at Birmingham’s Community House put out some enjoyable and respectable food, at reasonable prices. (I recommend eating it quickly, because the food freezes fast!)

          Winter Markt had a nice atmosphere, and for a “First Annual” event, I’d say there were a good variety of seasonal trinkets for sale. It may have been my perception, influenced by cold, but there seemed to be some long gaps between the entertainment features. I will say, though, that the few for which I stuck around certainly measured up! Brrrrrr.

          1. re: vtombrown

            Best bratwurst I have had since Hannover, DE in May. The bruetchen was left behind and I ate the wurst with my fingers and mustard with a true Bham style serviette. Congratulations to Bham Germans and I will look forward to a meet and greet in the 2nd annual. Truly an outstanding markt event in a very community style. Perhaps a Chow turnup at 14h00 on Saturday at the great statue for a wurst-fest in year two?? Everyone has a red hat?

        2. This weekend is the SECOND annual... ***the above posts were from last year****

          It was pretty decent last year. My food (decent) got cold in two seconds, but my precious mulled wine (gluvine) was still warm to the last sip (I either had an insulated cup or I am a shameless liquor gulper). You have to be a real hard core German nostalgia type person to LOVE it, but you may at least LIKE it for numerous reasons, as did I.

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          1. re: VTB

            Well, to be fair it was COLD COLD COLD last year (I went but it was too cold to enjoy it). This weekend is supposed to be near 40--practically beach weather.

            1. re: VTB

              Hmmm ....
              I just had gluhwein at the Frankfurt Winter Market this week, and it was pretty great stuff.
              Coming home tomorrow.
              Will try to hit B'ham to compare to the real deal this weekend.

              1. re: VTB

                Heading off to Bham for a brat (sausage not unruly child) at 13h30 to try and miss the main lunch crowd. Will advise.

                1. re: goatgolfer

                  ~50% larger than last year. Two food tents by Plum Market with a fairly broad German selection. The Nurenberger brat was excellent. Very kid and dog friendly. Several wine and beer tents, caroling, and other festive stuff. Santa pics and carriage rides.

                  Very high North Face, stretchy jeans, riding boots, Land Rover quotient. Surprisingly good deck parking availability. First two hours free and upper levels were wide open.

                  Overall a very nice daytime diversion with good chow. Borrow a nephew/niece and a dog and you will be right in there. Congratulations to them and thank you from me.

                  1. re: goatgolfer

                    damn, sorry I missed it. Sounds like it was a good time