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Dec 2, 2010 01:11 PM

Gourmet Kosher Mustard and Chinese Mustard in jars???

Any good of the beaten path gourmet or non-common mustard flavors out there? Really poor showings in the interesting mustard catagorys at my local super market. And why cant I seem to find to buy a jar of Chinese Mustard (you know the stuff you get in the small packages when you go to a Chinese Restaurant) they should sell that for home consumption, its really good and then you dont have to deal with the always messy packages!

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  1. I know I used to see the Chinese mustard in jars, but in truth, I haven't looked lately. BTW, if you cut just a tiny hole at the corner, it shouldn't be too messy.

    As for other mustards, I very much like Olde Cape Cod Sweet and Tart Cranberry Mustard. Quite nice on pretzels, either hard or soft ones.

    1. Although there's no mention of it on the site, their mustards all appear on the OU website (part of Wsconsin Spice):

      Roland used to do a bottled Chinese Mustard - haven't seen it for a while.

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        I forget the name but I got a great stone ground mustard at the Jewel in Evanston - it was great

      2. Personally, I am not a fan of the mustard packets you receive for Chinese Take-Out orders. I always request the fresh made mustard you see on the tables....which is vastly different. If you would like to purchase the spicier, burn through your nose and make your eyes watery type mustard found on the table, then all you need to do is purchase it in powder form, as this is how it is made for just about all Chinese restaurants. You can make it thick or thin depending on your preference.

        S & B Selected Spice Mustard Powder

        manufactured by S & B Foods, Inc Japan.

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            Colman's mustard powder, it's available in most NYC supermarkets

          2. Fairway carries two lines of mustards from France that are standout products.

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              The hashgacha on these french mustards is reliable and the mustard is wonderful!

            2. Penzey's carries an oriental (hot) mustard powder too.