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Dec 2, 2010 12:58 PM

Dublin Foodies to the rescue - thanks in advance

Hi there,

I live in NYC and have never been to Dublin. Meeting a very important person for the first time, a relative of my spouse.

Can anyone recommend a well-established upscale eatery near any of the following areas: Terenure, Rathgar, or Rathmines or The Triangle?

Appreciate it!

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  1. I did see this thread"

    but nothing in there was really nearby

    1. booked Pichet. Many of the top restaurants will be closed

      1. closed to due holiday that is

        1. Hi, Rathgar has Bijou which is lovely; or Eatery 120 and the Wild Goose Grill are both good and near the Triangle in Ranelagh.

          I'd recommend them all, it's really down to personal taste which one you'd prefer.

          Dillingers and the Butcher Grill both in Ranelagh are more casual but both good also.

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            oh wow--thank you so very much, truly. I would have never have found those. Have a nice day!