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NOT ABOUT FOOD: Vitamix v. Vita Prep?

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A friend highly recommended the Vita Prep (3 horse power) over the Vitamix (2 horse power), but given the Prep is intended for those in the food business, who use (and abuse) their equipment a lot more than those using equipment at home, the warranty is only 1 year v. 7 years for the Vitamix.

Is the 3 horse power really worth it? Is there so much more you can do with a 3 horse power Vita machine than with a 2 horse power?


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  1. The only difference that extra horsepower makes is that it runs cooler; it's there for machines that are expected to be running for many, many hours/day. Other than that, the machines perform identically, i.e., at the same RPM, etc. You're much better off with a household machine; you get a 7-year warranty and (superb) toll-free phone support should you need it. I was once told by someone in the commercial division that even though the same employee discount applies to the Vita-Prep, ALL of the employees opt to buy the 5200.