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Dec 2, 2010 12:39 PM

Vegas state of things question.

First off if this needs to be moved general topics..I understand.
I moved to Vegas 20 years ago when it was in its expansion hey day. I mean top class restaurants were moving in like grunion to the beach on a full moon. (sorry kinda an obscure reference but if you have ever hunted Grunion you'll get it)
I left Vegas and still went back on a regular basis. I have eaten at all o9f the top restaurants and had great meals. Now days it seems they have lost their touch. I read reviews of restaurants that I thought were incredible that are making basic mistakes.
So here is my question......Is it maybe their inability in this economy to keep skilled employees or is it that with all of us (except those of us who are very well off) expecting more for our hard earned dollar.
This is in no means a slight at anyone. It's just something I think about a lot. Since though I have moved away I still follow this board

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  1. "I have eaten at all of the top restaurants and had great meals. Now days it seems they have lost their touch"

    All of them? Really? I think that may be over-generalizing quite a bit. When I recently ate at Joel Robuchon, everything was fantastic.

    And over the weekend, I'll let you know how Picasso is holding up.

    And yes, there's been plenty of shakeup in a number of local restaurants lately. Especially with Cosmopolitan about to open, chefs are taking advantage of whatever opportunities they can find.

    1. I find the exact opposite, and I'm usually there every 3 or 4 months. If anything, I think you can find incredible deals right now. For example, to eat at a place like Alex for $89 would have been unheard of when Wynn first opened (and that's not including 3 free nights and a $200 casino credit, with minimal gambling).

      1. I am usually disappointed by so called upscale, or trendy restaurants, so I don't eat at them. I just can't see spending what I do for a months worth of groceries on one dinner. When I have, I don't feel like I got anything special. I'd rather cook it myself than have some celebrity chef do it for me. That's just my opinion.

        I would think with the economy the way it is that any establishment would be bending over backwards to keep customers happy. It could be too that most of their customers are tourists, so they are not as intent on getting them back a second time. Take the money, and run, so to speak. C'mon ,when the Wynn wants $4.50 for a 25 cent bottle of water, they are just sticking it to you. And no I didn't buy it, I ran my visitors over a couple of streets to a convenience mart where they bought gallon jugs for 79 cents to take back to their rooms. I think some of these casinos have gotten way too greedy, and think that people will pay just because.

        For me a great meal is one that I can spend with friends, and have a good time doing so. Example, Kerry's Sports Pub all you can eat ribs on Thursdays. I wouldn't say that they are the greatest ribs on the planet, but I have enjoyed myself throughly when I was there with friends. Last time I was there they were under $15. Money is tight for a lot of us, so I do make my dining out decisions based on a cost benefit approach.

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          Well, everyone has their priorites, and for some of us that includes fine dining as well as the hole-in-the-wall gems.
          I forget the exact percentage, but the majority of visitors are repeats from CA and trust me, the hotels ARE bending over backwards right now. Hotels everyplace charge a premium for water and such. I always bring several bottles of wine with me and stop at a grocery on the way into town to get bottles of water, beer and snacks to put in the fridge.
          More money for those fabulous dinners!

          1. re: BubblyOne

            Ha! Good ideas.

            And as a Vegas local, I LOVE visiting my favorite Strip restaurants and trying new dining experiences. Since I live so close to so much culinary greatness, why shouldn't I take full advantage of it?

            For me, mediocre chains and mediocre holes in the wall just don't excite me. While I do like finding new, exciting neighborhood holes in the wall, there frankly aren't very many here in Henderson, so that's just even more reason for me to take full advantage of the great restaurants on The Strip.