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Dec 2, 2010 12:12 PM

Thanksgiving Eve at The Boatyard - Ithaca

Went to this place near my father's house the night before Thanksgiving. To start we had the fried calamari which came with two very tasty sauces and was presented in a fried taco salad shell. Didn't like the calamari, but the sauces almost made up for it. My brother had a five onion French onion soup and said it was good. Had a house salad with bleu cheese which was good. I ordered the blackened catfish with mashed sweet potatoes and collard greens. The dish itself was good individually, but the presentation ruined it for me. The places the catfish on top of the sweet potatoes and collard greens, so it was impossible to taste one thing without it being overwhelemded by the sweet potatoes. The fish was perfect, but I couldn't truly enjoy it. Two of my fellow diners had steaks, which were also served on top of potatoes and beans. They too couldn't have one without the other. My brother got the seafood platter, which he said was excellent. I'd go back, but it was average at best.

The service was amazing....and it was mobbed.

The Boatyard Grill
525 Taughannock Blvd., Ithaca, NY 14850

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  1. I don't understand the love for this place. Is it because it's on the water? The menu and execution is fairly pedestrian. There's nothing special or inventive going on here. Like you said, average at best. They do handle the crowds fairly well though.

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      Went back with my father and grandmother two Tuesday's ago. They don't take reservations, but asked us what time and how many and where we'd like to sit. We got a window seat, but they hadn't taken the cover off the outdoor seating so there was no view. They did tell us 25 minutes when we got there and we were seated within ten, so that was good. Here's the odd part: Last time the service was spot on and the food was average. I had another house salad, good. For apps, we got a seafood tower. Perfect for two people to share. The calamari was better than the last visit, the shrimp cocktail was nice (tasted fresh) and the clams were excellent. The broth was delicious and had a kick to it. We mopped it up with the bread. I had a panko crusted ahi tuna rare, which was very nice and perfecrtly cooked. The asian slaw I had with it was killer. I have to say the food went from about a 5-6 to a solid 7.5. The service on the other hand was dreadful. On numerous occasions we asked out waitress for items (new silverware) and she disappeared. We asked for water refills and she disappeared. We asked for drinks, she never brought them. She seemed so concerned with turning table, she never seemed to get anyone around us anything they needed. It was a little surprising since she boasted how "slow" it was for a Tuesday.

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        Agreed. I think it's because it's on the water.