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Dec 2, 2010 11:58 AM

ISO pizza flavoured snacks

Hi Chowhounders,

What are your favorite pizza flavoured snacks? I used to enjoy pizza flavoured cheese strings and Mr. Pita's pita puffs but I cant' find any of those items anymore. I've recently tried the goldfish snacks which are scrumptious but not enough. Any other ideas and where can I find other pizza flavoured munchies?


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  1. PC has a pizza flavoured thick cut ripple chip. I tried them and wasn't all that impressed. Give it a go and see!

    1. i like pizza flavored Combo's cracker/pretzel snacks

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        1. re: bogie

          Agreed. Mostly anything Combo's is an amazing flavour! They disappeared for a number of years there, and I'm thrilled to see them starting to make a comeback again.

      1. The greatest non-pizza, pizza-flavoured snack food ever = Calbee pizza chips. With globs of Kraft Dinner-esque cheese-like product, and the mysteriously (ominously?) named "vegetable" ingredient on the English label covering the Japanese ingredients.

        1. Herr's pizza flavoured potato chips are pretty good.

          1. TGI friday's pizza snacks, saw em at MEtro