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Dec 2, 2010 11:57 AM

EMP lunch questions

Taking my Mom to lunch at EMP for her birthday and having never been I have a few questions. Is the lunch "menu" the same as the dinner menu?
Also can you get wine pairings at lunch-do you just tell your waiter that you want to do this?

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  1. Just bumping this up in case someone has the info...

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    1. re: adi

      I haven't been there for lunch since the change, but you can certainly ask for wine pairings.

      You could also call the resaurant with any questions you have...

    2. I do agree with gutsofsteel about wine pairings; you may request.

      As for the lunch vs dinner experience, I have been only to the lunch portion (4-course option for my birthday in early November) of EMP after the renovation and found it much more lengthier (in a good way, that's if you have the time) than the Gourmand tasting during lunch pre-renovation.

      Also on EMP's website within the past few weeks, they have a 4-course menu and the tasting menu for dinner.

      You may peruse my photos on my Flickr: