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Dec 2, 2010 11:09 AM

Good place for informal dinner near convention center?

I need a place that can accommodate a 25-30 person group....only problem is it needs to be walking distance from the convention center. Informal is best.....ideas?

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  1. Well, there's always Maggiano's, at 12th & Filbert St. And Chinatown. Lots of places there.

    1. I thought Chinatown - Vietnam could definitely do that size group. Rangoon maybe, Yakatori boy could give you a karaoke room! (or a regular space) proably lots of other places too.

      1. Lee How Fook can do groups of that size within a budget and is definitely informal.

        If you have a big budget, Fogo de Chao is close too. Since it is not plated diner, it is good for a group of that size.

        1. I don't know much about the food, but there is that Field House pub across from the Reading Terminal Market on Filbert Street, that would be informal.

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            Thanks for the suggestions.....any more?

            1. re: Science Chick

              Do you have a budget per person or to rent space? Or are you hoping to make a reservation for 30 and see who shows up? Do you need alcohol?

              You might check with bars/pubs like McGillan's (the oldest) or Moriarty's. If you're okay with serving wings and nachos.

              Delicatessen isn't too far away, and they have an upstairs room. They are a kind of a modern twist on a Jewish Deli.

            2. re: urbanfabric

              The food is terrible. Worst chicken sandwich of my life (and it's hard to find spectacular chicken sandwiches...but just about everyone can make an OK one. This was awful), and my friend's pizza was pathetic as well. Avoid.