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Dec 2, 2010 10:59 AM

701 Restaurant - Thanksgiving dinner -3 course prix fixe - it was terrific.

We had a terrific dinner at 701 for Thanksgiving. Very sophisticated looking place. Lots of the men actually had on suits!!! Right at the Penn Quarter Metro station so a breeze to get to. Each course offered several options, including vegetarian. For our starters, we shared little venison meatballs with chopped fresh sage in them and a little quince puree and a house smoked rainbow trout on a bed of black lentils with horseradish. Each of those gave meaning to the word "appetizer" as they certainly whetted our appetites. It's been a week and just writing the words here is making me hungry. For main courses, we both had the heritage suckling pig, locally sourced, with sausage stuffing, celery root and savoy cabbage. The manager stopped by while we were having it and I jokingly asked if they had a head lying around back in the kitchen. He said they got three pigs and the heads got reserved by diners immediately. Dang :) The slice seemed small when it was placed in front of me but it was so rich that I wouldn't have wanted any more. The crispy, cracklin' skin was perfect. I saved one piece of it as my last bite of that dish. For dessert we both had the pecan tart with vanilla ice cream and just some swirls of chocolate sauce on the plate. This was so much, much better than pecan pie IMO because it didn't have the often cloyingly sweet filling. The dinner was $45pp which I thought was a great deal. We had a bottle of Marsannay Rose' for $45.

701 is part of a family of restaurants that includes Rasika which we also adored. I'd recommend this highly to anyone. When we return to DC, we'll return to 701 also. Thanks to CH for the rec.

Rasika Restaurant
633 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

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  1. It's actually right at the Nat'l Archives/Navy Memorial metro station (not Penn Quarter) ;)

    Was there recently for a late drink and it was great for that -- the bartender (I'm sure somebody on here knows his name) refused to make the first drink I ordered off his cocktail menu, because the figs he'd gotten weren't ripe enough.

    Love your enthusiastic reports! Am I right that you managed to try -- and enjoy -- Ethiopian, half-smokes, AND Peruvian chicken (in addition to some of this higher end dining)? That might be the trifecta of DC food (did anybody direct you to mambo sauce)?

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      ACtually I think it's all three :)

      I really liked this place. When we got our bottle of rose' she asked if we wanted it kept in an ice bucket which we did. It was placed several feet away, out of the way, and she had just the right pace for refilling.

      Mambo sauce?????? What the hell is that and how did I miss it??????????????? Trifect indeed. Love it. That half smoke was THE best dawg in all my life. I gotta figure out a way to order them. And yes to Ethiopian and Peruvian chicken. I don't spend my travel dining dollars and miss the local best of show. I have three more reviews to do. Thanks for the feedback. It will nudge me to get those done.

      Can you believe we actually had time to see alot of sights? All before lunch, of course :)

      1. re: mselectra

        Yeah, the metro station is on the yellow/green line and it's Archives/Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter.

        I also really enjoyed my recent experience at 701. I erred and ordered the gnocchi, which was okay, but did not live up to the venison ordered by another member of our party. The proscuitto-wrapped quail was also excellent. My husband's steak was also really excellent, as was the accompanying smoked potato and bone marrow puree.

        I also really enjoyed the atmosphere (we went on a Friday night, when there is live music), the sommelier dished up an absolutely spot on wine recommendation, and the service was impeccable. We also got there just in time to order a happy hour cocktail at the bar. It's really a great place - formal enough for a special date, but not at all stuffy.

        When I return, I'm going for the rabbit rillettes and either the grouper or the scallops.