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Dec 2, 2010 10:01 AM

Another Yummy House coming to Tampa

It seems Yummy House is so popular the owner plans a second location on E. Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa, and is thinking about a third, in Sarasota. I'm a China Yuan loyalist myself, but this is great news for lovers of real Chinese food.

You can read more here:

China Yuan
8502 N Armenia Ave Ste 1A, Tampa, FL 33604

Yummy House
2202 W Waters Ave Ste 1A, Tampa, FL 33604

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  1. How about a location in St. Pete!

    1. I heard rumors a while back. especialy great news for people living in east seminole heights. with the exception of the Taco Bus, East Hillsborough is a wasteland of chains, bad gyros, etc. I hear it will be somewhere near the sanwa market.

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      1. re: andy huse

        ??? i'm so confused!!! isn't ella's and the refinery in seminole heights, right near the taco bus?

        1. re: Manderley

          They are West of 275 so they do not fall in the E Hillsborough designation ;-)

      2. We initially thought they were moving, discovered last weekend it's a second restaurant. Good for them!

        1. Rock and roll, love yummy house. why on earth they're opening the second location 5 minutes from the first I don't know, but happy to see them expand.


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          1. re: askdrtodd

            I haven't been in there yet to talk to them about that...

          2. Good for them! It goes to show you that if you produce a good product at a low price, people will come, even in this horrible economy.

            On the down side, I am reminded of Anthony Bourdain's comments in "Kitchen Confidential" about owners who expand. The expansion sometimes fails and its failure brings down (financially) the formerly successful original location, as well. But I guess it's a case of "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and "a faint heart never won fair maiden" and "Sure, the game is rigged, but you can't win if you don't bet."

            Anyway, I wish them luck. We certainly could use more excellent Chinese restaurants in this area.