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Dec 2, 2010 09:44 AM

Cookie Decorating "Stuff" ?

We just purchased a cookie press as a holiday gift and wish to add some fun accessories.

Since I do not bake cookies (waaaay too tempting!), I do not pay much attention to those types of products while out-and-about.

Who has a good supply and assorted selection of fun items to dress up pressed cookies? I am looking for sprinkles and sparkles and perhaps also some cookie pans...or anything else that you might suggest. Where should I shop?

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      1. not sure where you are located. i second the surfas recommendation. if you are in the glendale/montrose area, try jane's cakes.

        1. Unfortunately, chez cherie, the Glendale/Montrose area is not going to work for me. However, Phurstluv and kauma, both Surfas and Gloria's are easily accessible this Saturday.

          I know Surfas, but I have never been to Gloria's. I would very much appreciate a comparison. If I am going to just one of these stores, which will offer me the most diverse and fun items for selection? Specifically, I want decorations and accessories for press cookies so that they can complement the cookie press that we have already purchased.

          Thank you for your prompt replies and helpful suggestions!

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            IMHO, it would be Gloria's. Surfas is wonderful for what it is: a source for all sorts of cooking gear. And Surfas has some wonderful cookie stuff. But Gloria's is more specialized. If I were to search for cookie decorations and accessories, I'd go to Gloria's in a heartbeat.

            1. re: kauma

              kauma, thanks for staying with me and answering all my questions.

              It is the more specialized decorating items that I want to accompany this gift, and it sounds like Gloria's will offer that.

              With your recommendation in mind, I will shop Gloria's this weekend!

              1. re: liu

                You're more than welcome, love!

                1. re: kauma

                  I shopped Gloria's today. I love places that specialize...places that do one thing and do it well!

                  The gentleman who helped me was friendly and helpful. I purchased some sparkly sugar, a baggie of spiced gum drops, a bottle of orange Wilton cookie icing, some double heart decorations and a package of candy Elmo faces for the recipient's young daughter who will assist in the cookie decorating!

                  Again, I thank you for the Gloria's recommendation. It's a very happy place!

                  1. re: liu

                    I'm so happy you were pleased - and thank you for being so gracious and posting about your experience.

                    Happy holidays!

                    1. re: kauma

                      And good wishes to you, too!