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Dec 2, 2010 09:42 AM

is it possible to change stove burners?

i am at my sister-in-laws for a week and they have what looks like a newer version of our stove at home(rental). They have a large and simmer burner where we only have "medium" burners on all 4 corners. These are rather generic GE stoves, the sealed burners look the same. Part of me wants to order a sealed simmer burner ring and try to drop it in on my stove at home, but i dont know if any of the internals need to be changed. is what i am trying to do at all possible? Has anyone had success changing burners on their stove? Any horror stories? :D
i know some of the higher end ranges can be reconfigured (a la bluestar) but is this a premium feature of a more expensive range?
Really hoping to get a simmer burner on my stove :)

Edit: this is a gas stove. Forgot to mention that :P

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  1. cannibal: Are you talking about the typical GE resistive electric (coil) burners sitting in holes in the stamped steel rangetop? If so, is the "hole" dimension the same--on yours and theirs--so a simmer burner would fit on yours? What do you mean by "sealed burners"?

    The simplest test I can suggest is that you remove and borrow your SIL's simmer element/ pan/support assembly and see if it mates up with the hole in your rangetop. The plug-ins should be compatible, but you need to verify the length of the coils where they plug in.

    I have an OLD GE Airliner range that has a simmer burner (around 6") as part of the thermowell setup. It has a fixed spacer ring around it to bring it out to fit the (around 8") hole. You might be able to find one of these elements if it fits your "hole". This assembly--if it will fit--has the advantage of a flexible connector, so length might not be as critical.

    Short of that, I'd set`aside an hour to talk to a GE TECHNICAL rep about what parts might accomplish your modification.

    So, even if it CAN be done, SHOULD it be done? I think you sghould be sure that the wattage rating of your contemplated smaller simmer burner be at least near to the wattage rating delivered by your present medium-sized one, else on HIGH, you might burn out the element. On the other hand, if all you're going to do is simmer on the little guy, just don't turn it up too high.

    BTW, why would you want to downsize your element? The mediums are pretty small as it is.

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Sorry forgot to mention this is a gas range with sealed burners.
      I contacted GE and am waiting to hear back. I would borrow the gas element to see if it fits but my sis in law lives in sacremento and we live in san diego. I suppose i could always mail it back :P

      1. re: cannibal

        Ok, we just had a new GE Gas stove put in (Cafe, BTW, love it!). But we have LP, so each burner had to have its "orifice" replaced. This is the thing that the gas squirts out of into the burner. Each burner is a different size and each orifice was different too. Sooooo, I'm guessing, unless the internal pipes are all different sizes too, you'd have to change the orifices to the appropriate size to match the burner you're going with. Not to mention, the burners have different sized seats on the cook top. Might just be a too hard problem.

        1. re: JohnOort

          I was wondering if that injector needed to be changed too. Im going to peek under the burner seat to see if the nozzles are notably different. I hope it is as easy as just changing the burner seat and cap/cover but nothing is ever so simple =P

          1. re: JohnOort

            John: I doubt the orifice needs changing, as long as cannibal's not also converting to LP. The rejetting is done because LP is only about 90% as "hot" a fuel as NG. My strong suspicion is that it's one standard jet for NG for the simmer burner regardless of the valving. Again, HIGH might just be the same flame intensity as the old "medium", just in a smaller ring size.

            All of which raises the question of why one needs a smaller simmer burner. VERY small pans?

            1. re: kaleokahu

              Kaleokahu: i checked the nozzles on her stove and they all look the same on a visual inspection. So hopefully all i need to do is change the burner ring. Still no word from GE.

              To anser your question, i dont have a simmer burner...but i would like one :)
              The smaller sauce pans and fait touts i have are too small for a medium burner turned up past medium-low heat, and all i have on the curent stove are medium burners.

              1. re: cannibal

                cannibal: I'm no expert at this rejetting biz, bit all the orifices have extremely minute differences in size that even techs cannot see. They are usually stamp-coded or color coded for reference. But seriously, I can't see any real issue if everything's NG. What's the btu difference between your mediums and the simmer, anyway? The worst I see is that if you make the change you'll be putting the same (moderate) volume of gas through a slightly smaller ring--maybe a slightly larger whoosh when the piezio lights it up, and proportionately higher flame on high.

                Your reason for switching makes sense. My budget gas range's burner rings are pretty small.

                1. re: kaleokahu

                  That makes sense now that you mention it. I know carburators pretty well and some of the jets were visually hard to distinguish from one of a slightly different flow. Holding them next to each other was the only way to tell and im not about to take apart my sis in law's stove...they still think i'm relatively normal :P

                  I dont have a computer up here, just my phone. Maybe i'll bug to borrow their laptop to potentially look up part numbers on the nozzles/injectors to see if they're different

                  1. re: cannibal

                    cannibal: Ooooh, I have a Thermaquad that needs attention!

                    1. re: kaleokahu

                      Whats wrong with it and what engine is it on? I love me some mopar ;)
                      You have a challenger?

                      1. re: cannibal

                        Cannibal, i am trying to do the same on my GE Monogram Rangetop. Did u ever figure this one out? Thanks

                        1. re: nr1215

                          I'm trying to change a sealed Medium burner to a Large on a GE Spectra XL44 LP stove. Did anyone ever figure this out?

                          1. re: martinfelcher

                            I would contact a "good" repair service or ge directly.Your best bet is probably one of the repair companies- they should know better than anyone.Good-luck