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Dec 2, 2010 09:37 AM

Cheese for Dessert

I will preface this with - I am not a dessert person.

Does anyone else occasionally have cheese and crackers for dessert? I actually prefer cheese with a nice glass of wine to coffee and dessert. And I love coffee.

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  1. Cheese and dessert wine beats the heck out of just about anything else.

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      1. re: invinotheresverde

        .....but only if it can be served properly.....

      2. Here are two nicely assembled cheese and fruit DESSERT trays (NOT pre-dinner).
        If CHEESE is your choice over say fruit, cakes, or confections ... I raise my glass to you ... Enjoy.

        Look 1 -->

        Look 2 -->

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        1. re: Cheese Boy

          Look 2 is blocked......Look 1, looks very nice to me, but this guy would argue the cheese is touching the other cheeses.....:0)

        2. We rarely have dessert at home but often have cheese (accompanied by any or all of bread, celery, fruit, chutney).

          Similarly, at a restaurant, we will quite often have cheese. Sometimes before dessert if that is a possibility, more often instead of something sweet. Much depends on how well we think the place might keep its cheese - all to often, restaurants serve cheese directly from the fridge which is absolutely pointless for tastng it. If we can see a cheese board or trolley out in the restaurant, we'd knwo they knew what they were doing with it.

          1. For me, there is nothing better than ending a wonderful dining experience with a plate of assorted cheeses with dollops of sweet accompaniments. Membrillo with a nice Campo de Montalban from Spain or fresh Honey drizzled over an aged goat's milk cheese such as Patacabra. There are limitless possibilities!!

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              We love using chutney, dulce de leche, honey, jams, almond butter, wine reduction, mashed fruit, fruit purees, chocolate and fresh fruit with our dessert cheese platters. Who says dessert has to be a pie, cake or cookie :)

            2. When we do prix fixe menus with dessert included, we always offer a cheese course option, which about 10 or 15% of diners choose.

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              1. re: babette feasts

                brebis with brandied cherries. comice pears with stilton. Epoisse with could desert get better?