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Dec 2, 2010 09:05 AM

Whiskey Cake in Plano

Anyone tried it out? Excited about a farm-to-table in my neck of the woods.

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  1. I have been 3 times and tried pretty much everything on the menu. For the most part everything is very well executed. What you will find is a short menu of roasted and wood fired meats like prime rib, a steak, bone-in chops, a rotating fish dish and a delicious roasted chicken. All the meats are procured from local farms and are well cared for. The vegetables come direct from farms like Tassione and there is no freezer.

    Expect to be happy with the cocktail program that is unlike anything found in the area. More like what you would find at many of the Henderson bars. The bartender is from Victor Tango and has been working with the staff for some time to get it right. Nice beer selection, nothing earth shattering, but good for what you would find in such a restaurant.

    Here are some stand outs, and realize the place JUST opened and will morph a bit over the next few months.
    Go: Pulled pork sliders. Genius on a bun.
    Go: Roasted chicken. Moist and flavorful with a great rub.
    Go: The 5 whiskey-based cocktails and the best margarita I have ever slurped (pictured)
    Go: Whiskey cake.
    Pass: Deviled eggs. Sweet and mustardy and TJ said the recipe wouldn't change.
    Pass: Fried green tomatoes. More batter than tomato, unless the recipe changes.

    1. I share your excitement. I will have to try it really soon.

      1. They offer reasonably-priced, quality dishes (would agree with DD's assessments; you forgot about my perfectly rare picanha cut sirloin!), a strong American craft beer selection, cocktails made with care, and an atmosphere that feels a lot more like a neighborhood place. All that combined makes Whiskey Cake a lot more interesting compared to basically all of the chain restaurants in that area. Not gonna lie, I'm jealous that Plano has a local joint that you can walk into and have a decent pint of beer with dinner. And for those who want something more, it's not like G-Man or Holy Grail are too far away.

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          Great feedback, we will re-evaluate the deviled eggs and thin the breading on GFT, Thanks!

        2. We tried it last night. Loved it. Only complaint we ordered the meat & cheese board for 2 and it was very very skimpy for $ 18.00 bucks. The selection of meat & cheese was great just not very much for 18.00 bucks. We also had burgers and fries and they even did onion rings for me which were not on the menu all fantastic. The Whiskey Cake at the end rocked especilly with the real Whip Cream. We will be back for sure.

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            The cheese plate should have been on my pass list as well. I felt it was a bit skimpy and lacked imagination. I compare to a few that achieved greatness in that arena. The cheese selection and plates at Vetitas Wine bar on Henderson changes seasonally and is greatness and of course Scardello on Oak Lawn that can be highly customized and paired.

            Remember, Whiskey Cake has been open all of a week and deserves time to shake out the loose ends. But for now they do a very good job and will do super contortions if something isn't done well. Speak up if something doesn't perform to your liking.

          2. We tried it out Saturday night and wanted to mention a few things.

            Overall, I think it's great to have a restaurant like this outside of the hip neighborhoods like Bishop Arts, Uptown, etc. It felt like it had a soul, unlike the run-of-the-mill chain restaurants that produce food that appeals to the lowest common denominator (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

            When we arrived, we were told we would need to wait an hour for a table, which was fine and completely understandable. While we were waiting, a waitress took our drink orders (a wonderful level of service, rarely experienced). I love the huge selection of micros and ordered a Dogfish 90-minute. My wife ordered a Moscow Mule but had to send it back because ALL we could taste was ginger. It completely overpowered the drink and was frankly impossible to drink.

            We were seated withing 15 minutes when they told us the communal tables were open if we wanted to go ahead and be seated. Again, a testament to the level of service we received.

            I ordered the mussels and the fried green tomatoes as an appetizer for our table. The mussels were absolutely perfectly cooked. The broth was delicious, the mussels were tender and juicy. However, they were in serious need of salt, but our table didn't have any and once we were seated our waitress was always hard to find. Our water glasses were filled once and never again, except when we were paying our check.

            The fried green tomatoes were, as it's been mentioned, all batter. We couldn't really even taste the tomato (or really find the tomato under all the batter).

            I ordered the chicken and my wife ordered the sirloin. Oh man, the sirloin -- what a wonderful piece of meat that was. Perfectly cooked, the flavor was absolutely delicious. I would order that again in a heartbeat.

            The chicken was fine, but generally dry and flavorless. I went straight for the leg, and to my shock, it was dry. I wasn't sure that was possible. I want to try it again, hoping I just received an off piece, because several people have recommended it.

            The sweet potato fennel hash was wonderful, however. Worth getting the chicken just for the hash.

            We finished it off with the whiskey cake. It was delicious -- rich and just enough whiskey taste to make you want more.

            I will definitely be back and really appreciate the concept.