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Dec 2, 2010 08:41 AM

Latkes in Marin?

Any recs for any delis, stores or restaurants in Marin that make latkes hot and fresh? Thanks!

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  1. O.K., I'm not trying to be nasty here. While I cannot give you good advice about where to go (other than maybe checking out the ones from the House of Bagels or whatever the name is on 2nd st.,) I can only advise you that the ones at the deli by the gas station right off the Freitas P'way are really not good at all, or at least they weren't last time I had them. Mushy, oily, and made in a lazy way. If you drive by there you'll see the name; I won't publish 'cause I really dig the owner and his mamelah Joyce. Their fights are epic; the stuff of legend. Fun and horrifyingly bad to watch while you attempt to re-attach your jaw to the other part of your face. And readjust your eye socket size to something that doesn't resemble breadplates.

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    1. re: mamachef

      I ordered latkes at that NY Whatchamacallit place on Freitas once. Hoo boy! were they ever bad! They tasted like they had been made last week, and then nuked just before they served them up.

      Max's in Corte Madera has latkes on their menu. Haven't tried them yet because I always order their lox, cream cheese and bagels for my weekend brunch. Max's is a pleasant semi-upscale environment for your brunching pleasure.

      1. re: Sharuf

        Looks like the NY Whosit place is out of business -- papered over windows, etc....

        1. re: Sarah

          Hmmm, I did not know that, Sarah. Well, too bad. Most of what they had was pretty decent deli, but those latkes; no.

        2. re: Sharuf

          But a BAD place for a diet. (We go there for their deli hash sometimes.) On the other hand, I'm thinking that Mangia Nosh catering in San Rafael would be a good place to start; and I believe they also have a small deli at the Osher JCC.

      2. A chance: If you head for the Hometown Marin Market today, between 11 and 5 at 333 Caledonia, and pay the $5 admission, you will see many booths offering a variety of foodstuffs. Last time I went these included a stand making latkes on the spot. And I really enjoyed them. I have no idea whether they are there every month or if I just hit the right day. Other tasty stuff, tho, if rain doesn't wash out the patio bbq stands. I have another event today so will not be there myself. Would appreciate knowing, if you go, what you find there.