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Dec 2, 2010 08:33 AM

Anyplace in Philly sell smoked salmon like Zabar's?

As a relocated new yorker, I''m looking for some smoked salmon like one gets at Zabar's. I prefer not to have it shipped to me from the mother lode, and don't fancy a Bolt run. Does anyone know of a place in town (shudder at the burbs) where I can get some? Thanks so much in advance. And if there's a magic whitefish salad in Philly (like Zabar's...), I'm all ears! Happy holidays, everyone!

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    1. I used to live on the Upper West side....all I can say is: dream on.

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        I would have to sadly agree with you. I prefer the smoked salmon at Russ and Daughters( and their salmon and whitefish salad). I have tried a lot of Philadelphia smoked fish and it does not match what you can get in the New York area.

      2. it's no zabar's but steve stein's famous deli on krewstown rd in the northeast (a block off grant at bustleton) is good and usually reliable. you can get bagels, knishes and other stuff there too.

        1. Whitefish salad at Famous Deli is housemade and is quite chunky with fish. Costco carries Acme brand from Brooklyn, less salty than Famous and very smooth.

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            Shop Rite also carries Acme smoked fish products, but pre-wrapped, not sliced to order.

            If OP has not been to Famous 4th St, he or she should check it out. Meats are as good or better than Katz's IMO; this is the best traditional Jewish deli in the area. The smoked fish products are great and they have the best selection I have seen--mackerel, herring, kippered salmon, sturgeon, sable. Their salads are great, incl the Whitefish. But back on topic, for straight lox/nova it is good and hand sliced, but I agree not like Zabar's or Russ. I think they source from Acme for the salmon as well so not sure why it's more salty at Famous (though everything is salty there).

          2. Delicatessen on 7th and Chesnut has the best smoked salmon in Philly and awesome whitefish salad there's no other Jewish deli like it in the whole city! This has been a big problem in Philly until Delicatessen opened (this past February) so you need to go there!