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Dec 2, 2010 08:19 AM

Where to eat and party on new year's eve in Mexico City?


We will be arriving at the airport in Mexico City at around 19:00 on New Year's eve, so I guess we'll be in the city by 8:30ish.

I would love to get your suggestions for where and how we should spend the evening.

I know that most locals will be away, but are there any fun parties happening?
I imagine that the hotels will be having events - but if anyone has any details, please let me know!

Ideally, we would love to go to a restaurant with great food and a lively atmosphere, where they do something to bring in the new year, but it doesn't have to be a carzy night or anything.
Great food is the most inportant thing.

All suggestions will be most gratefully received!


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  1. You need to give more information, where in Mexico City are you staying (moving around could be a bit difficult that night)? What kind of restaurant/party do you have in mind (there are street festivals, fancy/trendy places in Condesa or Polanco, traditional restaurants like Arroyo)?

    1. I would actually love to spend a New Year's Eve in a cantina, like La Mascota, but that's me.

      1. Mazaryk above Parque Lincoln and all the poet -named streets south to Campos Eliseos is a very electric, walkable grid with a great concentration of excellent restos and bars for New Years.
        The "beautiful people" of Polanco will mostly be in private clubs where a gringo is a rarity.

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        1. re: Veggo

          thanks for your reccos , guys!

          @mjs: haven't decided where we are staying yet, but it will be either the St Regis, Condesa df, or Las Alcobas.
          Wedon't really want to go street festival - was thinking more along the lines of a restaurant with great, great food (trad or modern, but mexican/latin american, not european food), which is:
          a. open that night
          b. got the kind of atmosphere where one would want to celebrate new year's

          hope that give greater clarity!

          all other advise will be very much appreciated!!!

          1. re: monab

            Have you considered the Camino Real in Polanco? You get all the civility of Polanco, and proximity to the madness in the Zona Rosa...
            And it is elegant.

            1. re: Veggo

              hi all
              let me know if this is a good idea:

              a friend who works in the city (but who will not be in town) has recommended Erawan/Joy Room for new year's eve.

              I know that it's not Mexican, but Thai, but he assures me that it is really really good and that we would have a good time there.

              does anyone have any opinions, or any better ideas?

              thanks again!