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Dec 2, 2010 07:46 AM

Gumpy's Roseville, $2 Surly beer on Mondays but food?

Help! accidently discovered Grimpy's has $2 Surly's on Monday nights from 7-10pm but haven't found any food that is worth having really. What is good to order? Doesn't have to be spectacular just something to go with the fabulous beer.

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  1. Make that Grumpy's-gosh I got it wrong twice

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    1. re: duluth21

      Truthfully? There is nothing that great at Grumpy's. I've eaten there a handful of times b/c we were in Roseville-but for $2 Surly's - your better bet (if you don't mind crowds) are the Longfellow/Highland Park Grills....they also have $2 Surly's on tap, and their apps are half price and most are better than anything that you could get at Grumpy's. Everything there is mediocre at best.

    2. Surly is $2. Does anything else really matter? :o)

      If you are drawn to $2 Surly taps, you can get these at Blue Door Pub every day of the week during their happy hour. Better grub than Grumpy's

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      1. I think that everyone should let us know where there are $2 Surly taps available, because that's what most of us are interested in!

        1. Tator tots. That's what we get.

          As for Blue Door Pub, I love that place, but have given up. There's NEVER a seat, and nowhere to wait. I just don't enjoy standing around for an hour with my butt in the face of those trying to enjoy a meal.

          The Blue Door Pub
          1811 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104

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          1. re: midwaygirl

            Agreed. The food is good, and IMO, they make the best juicy lucy's, but, again IMO, jucy lucy's - no matter how good - simply aren't worth an hour wait with no place to sit. And, to be frank, the crowd at BD bugs me a little too.

            As for snoboardbabe's Longfellow/Highland suggestions, I think their food is stuck solid int he mediocre range, and whatever money you save in having a $2 Surly, you put right back into what I think are very high prices for the quality and quantity of food you get at Highland/Longfellow. With very few exceptions, I always leave that place wondering why I went there in the first place. Most recently, I went for lunch and got their steak salad, which, when nothing else looked good on the menu in the past, I always ordered because it was a solid dish. They must be taking USDA food pyramid recommendations, because the steak serving was literally the size of a deck of cards. Much smaller than a few years ago. Normally I wouldn't mind, but given the price, they're making a pretty tidy profit on greens, some crumbled cheese, and a 2 or 3 oz serving of a mediocre steak cut.

            For what it's worth, if you want $2 Surly's, you'll likely be faced with bar food - unless you want something overpriced like a Highland/Longfellow, or an hour wait like at BD. But then again, there's nothing wrong with bar food when drinking $2 a bar.

            I wonder what Buster's on 28th has for HH specials. That's a place that cranks out high quality food at a reasonable price for a bar that has one of the best beer selections in the TC.

            Buster's on 28th
            4204 28th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

            1. re: foreverhungry

              Foreverhungry - for the most part I agree with your assessment. When I'm at Longfellow -there are specific things I get for appetizers. Chowhub gets the walleye/shrimp cakes are pretty darn good for $6...and the wild mushroom flatbread isn't bad either for 1/2 price. In terms of food itself - it's mediocre-better compared to Grumpys - most every place is -and compared to those offering $2 Surlys on tap.

              I've actually for some reason always been successful at BDP and if you're a glutton, the spam bites (who doesn't love cream cheese?) are tasty-just like the tots. But other than that, service has gone very down hill, it's not set up well despite being a "pub" for crowds, and I still prefer The Nook -which Weds at 5PM and Sun right at open - you will almost never wait in line. It's my secret and the fries are better.

          2. I've only been to the Washington Ave. location, but I love the tater tots (with seasoned sour cream dipping sauce, of course), and their version of the Jucy Lucy is pretty good. Not sure if they serve the J.L. in Roseville.

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            1. re: drew13000

              i actually think the washington ave grumpy's has better than avg bar food. i've never been to the rosedale location, maybe it sucks, but the downtown is decent for the price and has a good beer list.

              1. re: soupkitten

                I agree. There is MUCH worse bar food to be had. I get the mac & cheese crock and the tator tots and make myself an impromptu hot dish.