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Free noms at Central!

Worth pushing people over for?


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  1. Shhhhh you are letting the secret out! :)

    1. Um, I guess I should clarify the term "noms." It just means food. You know those occasionally funny photos of cats with captions on them? The term nom comes from those. It's basically an imitation of the noise people and anthropomorphized animals make when eating intently, "om-nom-nom," or more commonly, "omnomnom." For absolutely ridiculous examples of this, go to http://www.omnomnomnom.com/

      In short: if you are on the internet a lot (and by "a lot," I mean an obscene amount), and under the age of 30, this is an informal, slang term for food.

      1. " tuna nicoise deviled eggs"

        whoa, that sounds seriously good. that's going on the table at the next cocktail party.

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        1. re: hill food

          I'm hoping DC 'hounds will go and then give us details. That DOES sound like a keeper, doesn't it?

          1. re: c oliver

            I'm going on next Friday. Not sure if they feature all the dishes at once or only one a day, but I'll let everyone know.

        2. Someone is into the chili cheesesteak fries as it's listed twice:)

          1. This is what people are eating at bars today? I guess I'm out of touch. I'm still eating popcorn, peanuts, or Chex mix. ;)

            I don't go to bars very much, as you might surmise.

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            1. re: MikeR

              That's where we had our lunch the other day - at the bar. Actually on a corner banquet that was very comfortable.

            2. Thanks for the tip, SandyCat! Am a HUGE fan of Central and will be there, but not pushing people over...

              1. Went to Central for lunch today (excellent corned beef) and asked about the free food - they serve one per night. Last night it was fried oyster. I am not sure you can expect to be treated to seven or eight different tastes.... or noms.

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                1. re: Steve

                  Steve, if you work downtown it's a perfect excuse to work late, impress the boss (be sure to send out those 8:30 PM e-mails) and reward yourself with a treat! (and become a recognized 'regular' in the process)