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Dec 2, 2010 04:27 AM

Black Finn East 53rd Anyone Been?

Curious if anyone has been here, have not seen any posts. was going to try this weekend.

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  1. When I used to go, it was just an expensive frat party in a bar. All college grads who are there to relieve their glory greek life days. The food served one purpose only - sop up as much alcohol from the 3 hour open bar everyone is there for.

    1. Black Finn is a what kelea said.
      If you want a bar with way better beer two blocks over is Stags Head on 51 between 2nd and 3rd, closer to 2nd. They have spicy fries too.
      Niall's on 52nd is a quieter Irish bar.

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      1. re: funniduck

        I got a $100 gift card on for $8 figured I would use it

        1. re: leavinglasvegas

          I just saw the fine print that it is a min of $200...I hope you have a big group going cause without happy hour. that's going to be a LOT of bar food considering there isn't a lot of options. I hope it covers drinks at least