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Dec 1, 2010 09:33 PM

Thawed tuna- safe for how long?

I have some trader joes blister-packed tuna that I bought frozen and threw in the fridge to defrost a few days ago...whoops, forgot about it and now its been 4 days. Aside from maybe some consistency issues, I think it's safe to eat...right? Its not been at room temp at all- straight from freezer to fridge...

I'm only concerned because it *does* say that it should be cooked immediately after thawing (and that it should be thawed outside of the package, but thats beside the point...)
If its ok, how long can it live in the fridge? I acquired some leftovers which are taking time to eat, thus pushing back my dinner schedule...

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  1. 4 days huh? Hmmm. Iffy. Especially since tomorrow is day five. I would toss it without removing the packaging to keep the smell down. % days is too long. Better safe than sorry. Next time, cook it up and toss it in a salad or something the following day.

    1. Five days is pushing it, but depending on how cold your fridge is, there's a small chance it could be OK. If your fridge is really, really cold it will not really have been thawed for more than three days. If your fridge is not that cold it will probably be bad. Most old fish smells bad before it's bad enough to make you sick, so open it, smell it, and then make a decision. If it smells bad when you open it there's almost no way it's gonna taste good even if it is safe to eat. Trader Joe's Fish is not something worth killing yourself over.