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Dec 1, 2010 09:02 PM


Is there anywhere in the Seattle area that serves up good latkes? I've had the ones at steelhead diner, and while the applesauce served with the latkes was incredible, the latkes themselves seemed like fancy deep fried hash brown pucks, not like the more traditional type I am seeking out. Thanks for any tips!

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  1. You probably should give your definition of "traditional type." Kind of like asking where to get "traditional pizza." Define your particular idea of traditional, and maybe someone can help you.

    I've never had them at Steelhead. I think latkes are something to make at home. My tradition is from the original Jenny Grossinger cookbook:
    However, I like them very crispy outside, creamy inside, and it's easier to get that when deep frying.

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      i totally agree that this is home cooking. I have never had a good latke in a restaurant, anywhere. I kept trying in NYC (I was sure, at places like 2nd Ave Deli, that they would be good. Nope!), and they were always just awful. They are usually just like the OP said--deep fried hash brown pucks.

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        my current kitchen has poor ventilation... last time i made them at home they turned out fantastic, but it smelled oily for days, which is why i am seeking to satisfy this craving elsewhere. i figured it would be unlikely to find good ones in seattle, but thought i would at least inquire (this is in part what ch is for right?).

        last time i had great latkes at a restaurant was in new york at essex in lower east side. these were like the "traditional type" i am looking for, a loose-woven texture, crispy and soft at the same time, hint of onion. christy - you should give it a try next time you are in nyc!

    2. Not to get too lowbrow, but the frozen Trader Joes latkes are quite good, especially when panfried. I will not stack them up against homemade, but if you are looking for an easy weeknight Hannukah dinner without making your kitchen smell like oil for days, these fit the bill in our family.

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        this is true, i've thrown some of those in the toaster oven before and they were not bad!

      2. For others looking for latkes, looks like Seattle Met helped answer my question yesterday:

        "The latke destination in Seattle is Roxy’s in Fremont—a bustling beacon of East Coast treats in this inky-gray West Coast city. At Roxy’s you can, and should, order fried eggs and latkes for breakfast. Go early if you don’t want to shiver outside on the street until a table opens up. But even if you need to hang out a bit, consider waiting it out. It should be worth it when you taste that first crackling bite of fried latke goodness. Happy Chanukuh."

        In addition to Roxy's in Freement, it appears that Goldber's Deli in Factoria, CJ's Eatery in Belltown, and the Madison Market in the Central District, Heartland Cafe in West Seattle, and I Love New York Deli in the U-District all have Latkes. Has anyone tried any of these before?