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Dec 1, 2010 06:41 PM

New to eating Sushi, whats a good place in Toronto?

Hey, pretty amateur sushi eater but Ive gotten into it a lot lately due to my GF. I wanna suprise her one night and take her to a great place in Toronto..what would anyone recommend?


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    1. Any area in town? Downtown? Burbs?

      1. Sushi Couture getting great reviews

        Sushi Couture
        456 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON M5S 1X8, CA

        1. IMO we can't really give you a good recommendation until you explain what kind of sushi your girlfriend likes to eat.

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          1. re: szw

            and what type of ambiance you are looking for, as well as geographic limits

            1. re: syoung

              Kaji is going to be more than $200 for 2 people.

              1. re: detritus

                Don't they have an $80 Omakase dinner?

                1. re: syoung

                  add to this tax, tip, drinks, and the awkwardness of ordering the cheapest item on the menu on a surprise date night....or maybe that last one is just me

                  1. re: syoung

                    Yes, but $160+tax+tip is going to be at least $200 (with a pretty bad tip) and that's before drinks.