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New to eating Sushi, whats a good place in Toronto?

Hey, pretty amateur sushi eater but Ive gotten into it a lot lately due to my GF. I wanna suprise her one night and take her to a great place in Toronto..what would anyone recommend?


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    1. Any area in town? Downtown? Burbs?

      1. Sushi Couture getting great reviews



        Sushi Couture
        456 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON M5S 1X8, CA

        1. IMO we can't really give you a good recommendation until you explain what kind of sushi your girlfriend likes to eat.

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            and what type of ambiance you are looking for, as well as geographic limits

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              Kaji is going to be more than $200 for 2 people.

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                Don't they have an $80 Omakase dinner?

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                  add to this tax, tip, drinks, and the awkwardness of ordering the cheapest item on the menu on a surprise date night....or maybe that last one is just me

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                    Yes, but $160+tax+tip is going to be at least $200 (with a pretty bad tip) and that's before drinks.

              2. If you want to eat in midtown, I highly recommend Mikado Sushi. It is not a glamourous dining room, but the sushi is excellent.

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                  Whenever we have gone out to get Sushi I noticed she's eaten shrimp tempura , miso soup, california roles, rice, dumplings, etc just pretty basic stuff I guess, I just wanna take her to a bomb place, downtown, mid town, North York area. thanks for the responses so far Im looking at all the recommendations!!!

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                      Doesn't sound like she'd enjoy the "big four" (Hashimoto, Hiro, Kaji, Zen -- listed in alpha order as I have not been to any of them) so ignore those recommendations for now (and save your money in the process as your $200 won't go far at any of them). More importantly the chefs at those places would be insulted if you tried to order a California roll - that's beneath them and in Japan chefs will kick you out for even suggesting it! Just a warning...

                      All that said, I agree with sloweater, Mikado looks like it's in your price range and has what she'd like.


                      If you're ever in the east end of town, Kobo Gourmet just across the line in Pickering is quite good too, also run by a Japanese chef.


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                        Hashimoto is not a sushi restaurant. There is no a la carte ordering at Kaji. neither of these places will have a california roll.

                        As for the reaction to ordering a California roll, it will not be any different in Zen, Hiro, or Mikado: if they have it on the menu, they will not react negatively to anyone ordering it. if it is not on the menu, then there is no point in ordering it anyways.

                        Zen for example does have California roll on the menu and I have seen it being ordered, and there was absolutely no problem. if it is on their menu, it is probably not insulting to them!!! We are not in Japan, or even LA for that matter, and these Chefs know that.

                        As for Mikado, I dont think the overall experience will be remarkably different from Hiro or Zen, all three have a more or less traditional approach. Also, all three are in a comparable price range and $200 all-in for 2 people does indeed go far at any of the three places.

                        In sum, it is not entirely a coherent position to say to the OP to avoid Zen and Hiro, but then suggest Mikado as an alternative.

                        I would think Ame or Ki would be better options for the OP.

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                          That's why OP wants to take her GF to some places other the places with california roll, and probably she will like some of these more authentic places. FYI, $200 can go far at Zen and Hiro. And your warning does not exist in any Japanese restaurant in Toronto.