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Dec 1, 2010 04:35 PM

New Vietnamese place in Ridgewood

Anyone tried it? I went in last weekend but no take-out menus printed yet (bad omen??).

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  1. Just saw the review of Mekong Grill. I'll try it. Sorry for reposting.

      1. there are menus now and the menu is one the website also.

        1. I went to this place with high hopes, based on all the buzz here. Verdict= decidedly mediocre. Amateur-ish wait staff, I even had to open my own wine! (They had a battle with the corkscrew). The temperature inside was a mixture of waves of heat and cold, all the patrons were dining with coats on!

          The Bun dish that I ordered was with refrigerated noodles, it's supposed to be at room temp...
          The Calamari were in a sticky-sweet sauce, reminiscent of the complaints about PanAsian places...
          The Pho was OK, but not as intense as I've had..
          Egg Rolls were good...

          I still much prefer the venerable SaigonR/Simply Vietnamese in Tenafly. The staff is professional and efficient. The Pho is intense, beef-y and anise-y, wonderfully complex. A myriad of other dishes there are wonderful.

          Perhaps Ridgewood is a tad more convenient than Tenafly to the Ch-ers here? But if you have a chance to get over to Tenafly, the tried-and-true Simply Vietnamese is just a much better experience in every way, IMHO. Easy parking, too!