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Dec 1, 2010 04:32 PM

Help a Boston hound!

I'm a Boston hound in town through Saturday. I am staying at the Marriott marina, near gaslight, with no car. What's nearby for hole in the wall, taco stands, etc. Not interested in the tourist places. Help me escape conventionland for quick lunches or snacks! Thanks!

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  1. Bread on Market (Market at 9th).
    Kabob Shop (around the corner on 9th at Market)
    Valentine's taco shop (Market at 10th)
    Cafe Chloe (9th and G, one block North of Market)(this is the 'fanciest' place of all of these, but is really good, and not crowded on weekdays)
    Sultan Shawarma (4th just South of Market).
    Cheese Shop Deli (4th just North of Market).

    Cafe Chloe
    721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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        Thanks, Cathy and ghg. You've given me a starting point! Sorry about the lamp/light mix up...

        1. re: newhound

          it's a common mistake :) post back if you have any questions about specific places. i don't personally live in SD anymore, but the local Hounds are great about guiding visitors toward the worthiest chow!

      2. If you don't have conference related commitments in the late afternoon/early evening, say around Happy Hour time, you can probably grab a cab or take the trolley close enough to El Vitral. While definitely isn't a hole in the wall type of place, it does have one of the best selections of tequila and mezcal in San Diego. You could head up for drinks and apps, though I 'm not sure staying for dinner is worth it. The food is wildly inconsistent and leans more towards alta cocina rather than taqueria

        El Vitral Restaurant
        815 J Ave, San Diego, CA 92118

          1. Look into cucina Urbana on 5th and laurel. It's not walking distance but it's worthy of a cab fare.