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Dec 1, 2010 04:25 PM

Capital Grille at the Beverly Center

Has any chowhounder been? I received a $50 GC so thinking about giving them a visit. Prices seem in line with other prime steak houses in the city.

The Capital Grille
8614 Beverly Blvd Suite 157, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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  1. phenomenal service but i found the steak (had the del monico which is wet aged) to be just ok. however, i intend to try their dry aged porterhouse on my next visit.

    the burger is quite good as are the truffle fries and lobster mac n cheese. i love the cheesecake.

    1. "Prices seem in line with other prime steak houses in the city."
      unfortunately their food doesn't seem to be...

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        thanks, I searched for "capital grille" and for some reason those posts didn't show up.

        I wasn't aware that they serve USDA Choice instead of Prime, yet are charging Prime prices. meh.

        maybe i'll go there and get some burgers, salads, and beers and call it a night.

        1. re: TailbackU

          happy to help. those posts are from the "Chains" board...which is where the mods will likely move this one ;)