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Dec 1, 2010 04:16 PM

Swedish Meatballs Recipe?

Anyone have an excellent one that can be made in a crock pot? My husband is begging for them for our tree trimming party and there seems to be a wide variety of ingredients in the recipes I'm finding. I have never made them. Thanks!

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  1. mawny, use a mixture of ground pork, beef and veal seasoned with allspice, dill, mace, salt and pepper and a touch of ground juniper if you can obtain that. Grate in one medium potato per pound of meat, and crock it in chicken broth. Finish it with some buerre manie and cream. Remember that they will be better if you brown them first before crocking them, but it's not strictly necessary. And I always finish with a spoonful of sour cream, Mexican cream or creme double.
    Applesauce, braised cabbage w/ bacon, apple and onion and some noodles for the gravy on the side.

    1. why do u want to make them in a crock pot?


      start with chopping or grating an onion and fry it in butter, set a side.

      mix bread crumbs and milk or cream in a bowl. maybe 3-4 T breadcrumbs for every 1 cup milk/cream. let stand for 5 minutes.. u might have to add more of one part, it should be thick but u should still be able to por it out, u dont want a big lump. Add the spices u want, salt about 1 or 1,5 tsp/lbs of meat if u dont add any soy or other salty flavoring.. pepper, allspice. I normally add some mustard and some kind of sugar like ketchup, brown sugar, currant jelly, lingonberry jam etc, depending on want im gonna serve them with but not much, u dont want it to be sweet. Add the onions, about 2 T and 1 egg

      mix this with about 1 lbs of ground beef and pork 50/50

      and then the most important thing, u have to do a taste test (just fry one and taste) add more salt and other seasoning if needed. because thats what most ppl do wrong, they dont salt enough.

      roll to balls and fry them in a mix of butter and oil or put them in the oven on a baking tray with high sides with 2 T butter. around 400 F, 5-10 min depending on size.. shake them a few times if u want..

      gravy: i normally use the oven for meatballs so i put the liquid fron the meatballs in a pan, add some cream, liquid stock/bullion concentrate, I guess a stock cube works fine.. taste, maybe add some salt and pepper, or soy , maybe some currant jelly because i think it works well and then let it simmer for a while and then stir in some thickening if needed.

      If u want to do them in a crock pot try this. melt butter and add flour. 3 T of each, stir in cream and stock beef if u have or chicken works too.. or just a stock cube. add some seasoning and then cook the meatballs in the sauce

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        This is the recipe that I have used for many years - though I do add more allspice. I completely agree with you about frying up a bit first and tasting it.

        1. re: MMRuth

          You know, MMR, every time you post this recipe I vow to make it. This is going to be what I make for that recipe files thread! (Glad to see you, you have been scarce of late.)

          1. re: GretchenS

            Thanks! Do make them. (I've gone back to work as a Wall Street lawyer, hence my scarcity - and, sadly, my lack of cooking. But I am making pounds and pounds of fruitcake next weekend!)

            1. re: MMRuth

              dont know whether to offer condolences or congratulations! which fruitcake recipe are you using? Ive used Maida Heatter's dark fruitcake recipe from her first book very successfully in the past, as well as a WI dark cake recipe published in the NYT a number of years ago (but Im not baking it this year - still have pounds and pounds in the freexer - it lasts forever.)

              1. re: jen kalb

                It's a recipe that a friend has - from the CIA Baking and Pastry Book. We made 18 pounds of it last year and it was just fabulous.

                Wsa just printing out the ingredient list for a trip to Economy Candy this weekend:

                Christmas Fruit Cake

                golden raisins 2.4 lbs
                dark raisins 2.4 lbs
                candied fruit, diced 4.8 lbs
                candied cherries 12 oz
                honey 12 oz
                dry sherry 16 fl oz
                bread flower 1.8 lbs
                salt 1.5 oz
                ground ginger 1 T
                groundcloves 2 t
                ground cinnamon 1 T
                sugar 1.35 lbs
                butter 1.8 lbs
                eggs 1.8 lbs
                walnuts 12 oz

              2. re: MMRuth

                Along with jen, not sure whether to offer congrats or condolences, but presumably you are doing as you wish. :) Bet you miss time to cook though! I PROMISE I will make these this month, will have a chance to pick up lingonberries on Sunday...

        2. Thanks all - my holiday party is on a Tuesday night, hence why I wanted to do them in a crock pot, since I have to work all day prior. Perhaps I could brown them the night before and then throw them in with the gravy before the party starts to get warmed up. Will have to think about it.

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            For what it is worth, I've cooked them ahead of time, and then just reheated them in a little butter. The ones I make are so moist that I only on occasion have actually made gravy as well. Hope all goes well!

          2. 1.) Go to IKEA
            2.) Buy frozen Swedish meatballs, sauce and lingonberry jelly.
            3.) Put meatballs and sauce in crockpot 6 hours before the party on low and serve with the lingonberry jelly.
            4.) Sit back and relax, it's the holidays.

            Heh heh. Okay, so this wasn't a 100% serious reply, but that's totally what I'd end up doing out of sheer laziness... :o)

            1. I can' t put my hands on my recipe but this fairly close to it. I would say that I probably add white wine to the broth prior to the sour cream. I make mine almost every holiday, they stay really nicely in a crockpot if you plan on having them for a buffet or appetizer party. I have also served them over rice or noodles, and with a salad they make lovely dinner.
              The only thing is that I have served these with toothpicks for pickme ups, but they are so much better in a little bowl so you can enjoy the sauce.