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Dec 1, 2010 04:11 PM

Shanghai Restaurant - Cupertino

Cupertino Village shopping center, 10877 North Wolfe Road @ Homestead. Former Hu Chiang Dumpling House. This place moved recently from somewhere else nearby.

Shared a bunch of things, everything was good. Jellyfish Shanghai Style was the standout for me. Bean curd with ma lan was very good, maybe better than the version at Oakland Shanghai (with the old chef). Worth checking out, long menu with lots of interesting stuff. My co-worker who has eaten there a lot says the "fat extracted pork rump in brown sauce" (which I know as honey ham hock) is excellent.

11am-10pm seven days.

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  1. heartell shanghai family in mountain view closed and moved to cupertino. food there was pretty good.

    1. Tried this place (though their menu calls the place "Shanghai Family Restaurant") with a group, including my stepmom who is Shanghainese. She tells me that this place has the same name as a well-known regional chain specializing in 小吃 ("small eats"). Unknown if there's any connection beyond the restaurant name. There's a dedicated person making xiaolong bao, shenjian bao and other similar foodstuffs a la minute behind a glass window for your viewing pleasure.

      As Robert says above, really long menu. Standout dishes were:

      xiaolong bao: really great thin skin, good amount of soup, slightly sweet which is appropriate to place of origin

      shenjian bao: six to an order, on the small side which stepmom approved of, and fried about a third up the side, nice amount of soup inside

      sweetened soy milk: probably best I've had in North America, including Huge Tree in LA which is well-regarded but I thought was so-so

      stir-fried green beans: a touch spicy, which I liked but probably not how they would cook it in Shanghai

      eggplant with tofu: nice flavor

      Not recommended:

      stir-fried pea shoots were stringy (not hot enough? not enough oil? both?)

      hot and sour soup: wrong place to order this dish so my expectations weren't high and still didn't meet them (but you can't choose your relatives!)

      I would return, especially to try some more of the small eats items which they seem to specialize in for breakfast/brunch. Stepmom was very happy to find a legit Shanghainese place and would clearly return. Bonus for her: she can speak Shanghainese with the staff.

      1. I have enjoyed this restaurant, earlier in Mountain View and, for the past few years, in Cupertino. The menu is long and varied. However, more valuable to me is the welcoming manner of modifying dishes to suit diners' requests. Chef's special dishes are offered also, extending the menu.

        A standout dish is Chinese celery and dried tofu. Though simple, it exemplifies the kitchen's care of ingredients and technique.