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Dec 1, 2010 03:24 PM

No.5 Umami Paste

Trying to find No. 5 Umami Paste by Laura Santini in Vancouver as gifts for some friends. I saw it at Holt Renfrew last week but they seem to be sold out and they dont know when they will re-stock. Does anyone know where else I can find it in Vancouver. Alternately, does anyone know of an online store that ships to Canada that would have it?

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  1. I had to Google this stuff. So it is a mixture of anchovies, parmesan, dried porcini, and balsamic vinegar - in a toothpaste tube. I wonder of Gourmet Warehouse or Urban Fare will have it?

    1. fwiw, holt is owned by the weston family iirc. apparently a super nice chap. just odd that a food retailer(generic) owning and running a high end boutique store(top 3 in the country). they do have some food products for xmas.

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        Ah - if that is the case then maybe Superstore has it? (Westons/Loblaw owns Superstore.)

      2. Was at HR 10 min and they had about 10 left if you hurry! The girl said that they got a shipment in last night and that they are almost sold out again.

        1. if you haven't found the No. 5 Umami paste yet, I got it from It came from Taylor Market in Sacramento, CA tho. It's wonderful!

          1. Reviving this thread...

            I only just learned about No. 5 Umami Paste from a recent VanMag list of things to taste in Vancouver (I think that's where I read about it anyhow). The article said it could be purchased at Superstore but I failed to find it at the Richmond branch today. The staff I asked simply stuttered something about being new when I tried to ask. Has anyone spotted it anywhere?

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              Superstore staff are IMO some of the least helpful supermarket staff around. I've never received any meaningful help from the aisle staff, that is, if they even acknowledge you properly.

              If you need help, best to go up to the customer service counter.

              Sorry for the rant, but it's one of my biggest frustrations with RCSS.

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                I bought mine at the Grandview Hwy Superstore. It was located near their "deli" (where they have vacuum-sealed, pre-sliced cheeses, dips, etc.). It was on a stand where they were highlighting "easy, gourmet entertaining ideas!". Good luck.

                1. re: jamesalexandra

                  They have it at South China Seas in Granville Market (and perhaps in their Victoria St store). Tasty stuff.....

                2. re: twinkienic

                  It's distributed by Left Coast Naturals as well. They can't help you in the sense of selling it to you, but they're friendly chaps who'd be happy to let you know what retailers in your area might have it, I bet.

                  1. re: twinkienic

                    Gourmet Warehouse sells it. I bought it last weekend but have not tried it yet...