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Dec 1, 2010 03:14 PM

Birthday Cake


I am looking for a yellow cake with a passionfruit curd/filling. I remember reading somewhere that some new bakery perhaps in the village had this, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where in Manhattan preferable I can get a cake with a passion fruit curd? I am not interested in the chocolate cake from Momofuko.


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  1. Not sure about Manhattan, but Baked in Brooklyn has a white cake with a passionfruit curd filling and passionfruit. Maybe they can substitute yellow cake?

    1. Just to bump this up- I was thinking about a cake from Lulu cake boutique- has anyone had a cake from here? They were written up in the NY times a few weeks back.

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        Yeah I trekked to Scarsdale and got a coconut one - forget what the filling was. It was just okay to be honest. Not anything I'd go out of the way for. I also picked up I think a couple cupcakes and my experience was the same. We were disappointed we chose them over NineCakes ( Oh, and ninecakes does have a cake with passionfruit filling. I haven't tried it yet, but convo the baker Betsy - she's super sweet and responsive.

        ETA: My impression of Lulu was it was decent, but we have better in the city.

      2. You might get more responses if your specific request (cake with passionfruit filling) was in the topic name. "Birthday cake" is a bit generic.

        1. There is a woman names Anna who makes birthday cakes. She is going to make one for my boyfriend that is a chocolate whiskey stout cake with Baily's cream in between covered in scotch ganache. She made a birthday cake for my friend and it was so delicious I got her number off of him. Her prices are very reasonable and she seems very sweet from what I can tell from emails:) Her website is verilybakedgoods dot com

          1. You should check with Two LIttle Red Hens (UES); I believe they can customize your cake.