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Dec 1, 2010 02:31 PM

Cutting board recommendation

I know there are lots of topics on getting the right wood cutting board but I wanted to solicit very specific opinions. I am thinking of getting a board custom made by someone on Etsy. I'm not sure if hard maple or black walnut is the right wood to get though. While I like how extremely pretty the walnut ones are, I've read that they may be too porous and present a health hazard. Any input would be much appreciated.

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    1. konosur - get a board made of wood...any wood (maple is quite hard=good)'s actually better in terms of "bugs" than any plastic (i.e. no health issues if you treat it "right"). I wash mine with liquid soap to remove any grease (if I am cutting anything greasy like raw chicken or meat) and then slowly pour ~1/2 gallon of boiling watter (from a kettle) over the entire surface. By the time you are done with that kind of tratement (board will get quite hot) any "bugs" that might have been on the surface (or in the cuts/nicks of the wood) are DEAD!

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        I wouldn't follow Pollo's advise on cleaning the board, the boiling water will most probably ruin a wood chopping board. See the boardsmith below for the a professional opinion.

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          1. My guess is that black walnut is just fine. It is softer than maple, but it is fine. I don't know why you think a slightly softer wood presents health hazard. Plenty people in the world use soft wood cutting boards and they are not dying left and right. BoardSmith Dave (a well respected cutting board maker) makes his boards from maple, mahogany, black walnut and black cherry. In the big picture, black walnut is a hard wood. It is just not as hard as maple, that's all.

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              Yes, I agree. I had posted to this thread earlier but it seems to have been removed. I was suggesting the OP contact Dave the BoardSmith for information. Figured the OP could use at least another quote before making a decision. Whether the OP used Dave or not, Dave can provide sound advice. Maybe they thought I was just soliciting and deleted my post, who knows?