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Dec 1, 2010 02:16 PM

Party takeout food in Vancouver

I'm planning a party for 50-60 students and would love some recommendations for somewhere to pick up cheap appetizer-type takeout food.

We were thinking samosas, empanadas, Jamaican patties, savory pastries... that type of thing, but are definitely open to any kind of suggestion. I don't think sushi would be a great idea since the food may be left out for a couple of hours.

West side Vancouver preferable, but anywhere in Vancouver would work.


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  1. I don't know about cheap (it's not too bad actually)....Whole Foods has some nice takeout party food.

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      Nothing is cheap on the West Side of Vancouver unless you're offering mass produced cardboard pizza.

      A caterer was offering just what you're after earlier in the week but the post was deleted as spam.

    2. How about the trusty old Costco. You can order platters there as well as pick up stuff for reasonable prices.

      1. You can get samosas for about .50 or so on Main St from a variety of Indian places and other deep fried treats. One I have used in the past is:
        Best Quality Sweets & Restaurant
        7260 Main St.
        Vancouver, BC V5X3J4
        Tel: (604) 324-6677

        I have heard that the quality there may have declined a bit but I don't know for sure. You could test out a variety of places on Main and Fraser pretty quickly and see if any meet your needs. Another possibility is the Jamacian Patty store on MacDonald and about 22nd, They may be able to cut you some kind of deal on a large order.

        1. Try the hot deli at your local T&T for asian appies. I usually go to the Metro location for the best selection of dim sum style items. Or order pot stickers from your local chinese place.