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Food Gifts For Holiday Giving

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I'm looking for something unusual to give for Christmas to friends in distant locations. Anyone have any good ideas? Not too expensive; not the "fruitcakes", please!!

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  1. Where are you located? You could give a sampler of some fun foods your area is known for. Like Tasty Cakes from Philly.

    1. I don't know about the shipping & handling on this but someone in our office just got this tea assortment for Chanukah if you know anyone who loves tea:


      1. http://www.gethsemanifarms.org/

        The cheeses from this group of Trappist monks are delicious. I'm familiar with the mild, smoked, and aged. All very good. The boozey fudge is good, too.

        I once received a package of Penzey's spices in the mail and enjoyed it so much that I give that to those I think will like it, too.


        1. 1) Royal Riviera pears from Harry & David. 2) Almond macaroons from Fralinger's, 3) Chocolate-covered black walnuts from Hammon's. 4) See's chocolates. All perfection.

          1. you can get a POUND of porcini mushrooms from Fungusamongus for 25 bucks. Giving a bag of these is a cheap way to make anyone feel rich.

            1. Chorizo -- easy to ship and says, "Merry Christmas!"

              1. Would you consider making things and shipping them (depending on the destination, of course)? I love to make vanilla extract with vanilla beans and bourbon; various chutneys; seasoning blends; rubs; marinades; preserves; flavoured oils and vinegars. Gourmet mustards are also a lot of fun to make and give!

                1. The croissants from Williams- Sonoma are always a nice gift to send especially at the holidays. They are offering free shipping on their peppermint bark until the 17th. (Fri.) which is really delicious as well.
                  (There are a few other food items that they are offering free shipping on till then too)