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Dec 1, 2010 12:15 PM

Clam shaped appetizers made with madeline tins. Need ideas for filling

I saw a recipe in Gourmet magazine years ago for some appetizers made with madeline tins. A savory pastry dough was pressed into the tin and baked. And then a caviar filling was added to the baked shell.

I want to try this for an upcoming holiday party with my very underused madeline tins. I have one that is not the usual narrow madeline shape but more of a wide clam shell shape. So I think they will look nice.

But I didn't want to use caviar. What else would be good? It would be just a little dollop in the shell.

I was thinking of maybe kind of a sauteed mushroom thing. But what else would be good?

(Could be something placed in the shell with a small cookie scoop. Or not.)

All ideas appreciated.

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  1. Clams? or lobster? Do a creamy pot pie kind of filling, or thermidore/st jacques sauce. Why not go with the shellfish theme?

    1. Madeleines are more scallop shaped so scallop mousse piped into them? scallop ceviche?

      However, that all depends on what is the "savory" in your savory pastry dough. That flavor will affect what you put into the product.

      1. Taking into consideration the depth of the tins (they would need to hold a good 1 tbs.) per, you could do a sort of creamy but well-reduced clam chowder: chopped clam bellies, cubed potatoes, onion, a little cream, and some rendered bacon or salt pork (or proscuitto). Seasoned with Kosher salt and white pepper and garnished with a sprig of fresh thyme. (of course you could always use shrimp or lobster to up the ante and garnish with a few grains of caviar.
        I see no reason at all that the 'shrooms wouldn't work.
        Be careful about using anything that will require a re-bake. It's a delicate pastry and you don't want to compromise the texture or flavor.
        I wonder about a cube of pate with a minced cornichon garnish (or rabbit rilletes). If you have online access check out D'Artagnan, I can't vouch highly enough for what Ariane does. it would solve the re-baking question. You can even get aspic which is high-quality and delicious, from her.

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          A smoked salmon mousse could be piped into the shell - just thinned down cream cheese, some smoked salmon mixed with finely chopped green onion, a bit of lemon juice and lemon zest, and a pinch of black pepper. Top it with a small sprig of fresh dill.

        2. How about a shredded potato pancake similar to a latke. I make them in mini muffin cups. Then top with roasted beets and goat cheese, smoked salmon and sour cream or caviar. I love the idea of the madeleine tins.

          1. Maybe carmelized onions with a little gruyere melted on top? I make a trout salad that I sometimes whiz in the FP to make more of a mousse like topping on little rounds of toast.