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Dec 1, 2010 11:53 AM

Best Cakes in Westchester, NY

I need a great birthday cake for the end of December. I am looking for something fresh that tastes homemade without that "been sitting in a commercial refrigerator" taste.

I have tried Lulu's in Scarsdale, but the quality of their buttercream has gone downhill - it now tastes like you're eating a stick of butter (and to be clear, I LOVE butter and buttercream more than anything!)

Riviera in Ardsley is great, but it doesn't wow me.

Any others that I should consider? I wouldn't mind getting one from Riviera again, but I'm always open to looking around. I want a cake that tastes as good as it looks - I'm not a fan of fancy or beautiful cakes that taste bland.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like Cerbone's in Rye Ridge. Specifically I love their cannoli cake (i'm not a big fan of butter cream so in retrospect not sure if this post will really help but thought I'd chime in).

    1. La Renaissance in Scarsdale has always been excellent.

      1. la tulipe is very good but up-scale (read pricey and fancy). not really a birthday cake place but maybe. also between armonk and mt. kisco are two good bakeries that i would try (can't think of either name, both are actually in armonk. i must confess i have never been a big fan of lulu's. and perhaps even whole foods ( there bakery always looks good ) but others can probably help you better

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          Gallaway's, the week end bakery, in Scarsdale. just east of the metro north tracks. think it is White Plains Road.

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            I've lived within walking distance of it for 25 years and I don't remember them having cakes. Some of the best pies I've ever tasted, but don't remember cakes.

            It's Galloway's and it's on Harney Road, if someone wanted to find the address

        2. Chantilly is a new bakery in Bronxville on Parkway Road opposite the train station. You might find what you want there.

          In my experience, the cakes from Riviera that have come out of the refrigerator case can sometimes have an off taste. However, anytime I have ordered a custom cake fromt there, it has been excellent.