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Dec 1, 2010 11:41 AM


We have friends coming from Iowa to shop and eat at the MOA. While I've tried to persuade them to eat elsewhere, they're pretty set on eating at the mall.

Not having eaten there in a few years, what are the recommended restaurants? They prefer good quality food and price doesn't seem to matter.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Pretty much your only options for good quality food outside the food courts are going to be:
    1) Crave
    2) Twin City Grill
    3) Tucci Benucch

    That's the order I'd rank them in if I were to go there for dinner tonight, although I haven't been to Tucci in a few years, so not sure if anything has changed recently, was just 'meh' for me last time...

    Tucci Benucch
    Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN 55420

    Twin City Grill
    130 N Garden, Bloomington, MN 55425

    1. Ditto the last poster, except I's swap one and two. Twin City Grill does some decent food, and I like the onion bread they serve and their bbq chicken sandwich is really good.

      Twin City Grill
      130 N Garden, Bloomington, MN 55425

      1. I guess I'd add two more...
        1) Napa Valley Grille
        2) Tiger Sushi

        I've had a good meal (I didn't pay - sometimes that changes my opinion) at Napa Valley Grille and Tiger Sushi serves its purpose for standard sushi fare.

        Napa Valley Grille
        220 W Market, Minneapolis, MN 55425

        Tiger Sushi
        222 W Market, Minneapolis, MN 55425

        1. I'll be eating there tonight because I have to and I will go to the Thai place at the west end of the south food court.

          If I had to sit down and get table service to eat, I'd go to Crave.

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            I'm back! Ate at the Thai Place "Ruby Thai". It was typical -- solidified my reason for going there anyway. The "Bang Bang" shrimp were about 10 good sized shrimp with a nice, spicy (to my taste) rub with onions and peppers. I also had the chicken in coconut curry (no clue what they called it) which was decent as well. They have several soups available at any given time.

          2. Crave would be my vote.