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Dec 1, 2010 11:25 AM

Unpretentious homestyle food downtown?

Any recommendations for unpretentious homestyle breakfasts, lunches, dinners downtown, for someone staying in core downtown area for several days? Easy access a must.

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  1. You can't do better than a turkey sandwich (made from whole fresh-roasted turkey) and turkey-noodle soup at Bakeman's. The meatloaf sandwich is good too. The drill here is to know what you want to order and order it quickly so as not to hold up the fast moving line. For the turkey sandwich you can specify white meat, dark meat, or mixed, and ask for cranberry sauce. Bakeman's is a Seattle classic.

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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      My usual Bakeman's order, spoken quickly: "Dry, dark on dark, berry and tomato, to go."

      Translation: All dark meat turkey on wheat bread, no mayonnaise, with cranberry sauce and fresh tomato, to go.

      1. re: RandyB

        Right on. And mine is "Light on dark double berry to go."

        Translation: All light meat on wheat bread, with mayo, and a double serving of cranberry sauce, to go.

        1. re: Janer

          For me, it's "light on dark, with mayo and cran." Be ready, lest Jason stike you down.
          Pike Place Market has all this, and will surprise anybody who has visited Rouse-style "markets' in malls around the world. It allows no chains.

          Pike Place Market
          1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

    2. Icon Grill's Mac and Cheese or Meatloaf with Blackstrap Molasses Gravy is pretty down home and usually good!

      Icon Grill
      1933 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

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      1. re: firecracker

        Icon Grill also has a Happy Hour from 3-6 where the entire lounge menu is half price... including the Ultimate Mac n Cheese and some other tasty items. We have also had good service there.

      2. I second Bakeman's--a Seattle gem. The hamburger at Two Bells Tavern is Americana comfort food. Emmet Watson's at the Market offers classic, diner seafood preparations. Lowell's for breakfast if the tour boats are not in town. (Order a beer and tomato juice so you look like a local.)

        Two Bells Tavern
        2313 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

        1. How about Virginia Inn (1st / Virginia) for dinner -- basically good bar food, very useful location.

          If Pioneer Sq isn't too far afield, they have good breakfast sandwiches at Tat's (Yesler / Occidental).

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          1. re: pusherman

            I'll definitely second the recommendation for Bakeman's. I also happen to like Mel's Market (Third and Madison) for stuff like baked potatoes, lasagna and salads, but they're pretty much limited to the weekday lunch crowd.

          2. Both of these are in Pike Place Market:

            Cafe Yarmarka - homey stuffed cabbage rolls

            Three Girls Bakery - a great meatloaf sandwich and BLT

            Three Girls Bakery
            1514 Pike Pl Ste 1, Seattle, WA 98101

            Cafe Yarmarka
            1530 Post Aly Ste 3A, Seattle, WA 98101