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Dec 1, 2010 11:10 AM

Microwavable breakfasts?

We're redoing our kitchen, and our only cooking appliances are a toaster, small microwave and a slow-cooker. For breakfast so far we've made frozen waffles and microwaved oatmeal and scrambled eggs (it can be done!) but we've got a few more weeks to go and I wonder if there are any decent frozen breakfast foods in the supermarket . My teenage son craves protein and has limited time in the mornings. Is there anything tasty that isn't laden with fat and salt?

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  1. You can make great oatmeal in your slow-cooker; just soak it and start it the night before.
    We make our own breakfast sandwiches all the time: scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage on a pre-toasted English muffin; topped with shredded cheddar and refrigerated. Breakfast burritos also; and they can be warmed in the microwave in less than a minute.
    I've never found any frozen breakfast product other than pretty sad waffles and decent sausages, but I hear you can purchase ready-to-bake biscuits. And a couple hardboiled eggs are always decent sustenance if time's short; just pre-cook a dozen and refrigerate. You might also like to consider untraditional bfast. items; I eat soup all the time in the a.m.

    1. Turkey meatballs from TJ's actually taste pretty decent after heating in the microwave. Not traditional, but they do provide protein.

      My favorite microwave meal is breakfast tacos -- scramble an egg in the microwave with salsa verde, heat up a corn tortilla for about 15 seconds, maybe scatter some sliced scallions over.

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        Pia, the breakfast taco idea sounds perfect for him. Thanks!

      2. if you can find Pederson's Farms chicken sausages, they're pretty lean and the sodium count isn't as horrifying as some of the other brands. i like the Feta & Spinach flavor. they also make pork & bison sausages, as well as bacon. i haven't tried any of those, but they might be worth checking out.

        also, as mamachef said, there are other things to eat for breakfast! salmon with rice or potatoes, and don't forget about smoked salmon (or other smoked fish) on a bagel.

        polenta, either savory with cheese or sweet with fruit compote.

        and if it doesn't have to be hot, there's always cottage cheese or Greek-style yogurt with fruit & granola/cereal.

        1. How about a baked potato in the microwave? (prick it with a fork a few times to allow the steam to vent)...You could add some kind of lovely cheddar cheese to it for protein perhaps...spinach or brocolli too maybe...or bacon bits or shredded up ham for your son.

          1. Hmmm. What about Hot Pockets? Or, "lean" pockets, I guess? Easy to heat and go - and honest, teens can probably stand more salt than we older folks, right?