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Dec 1, 2010 10:15 AM

any *vegetarian* latke recipes without onions??

Yeah, I know; heresy.

But I'm dealing with an onion allergy (plus the whole vegetarian-therefore-no-eggs issue),

1. Okay to use: Green onions, garlic, onion powder
Not okay: Any other onions (other than in powder form), shallots.

I'd love to be able to make some for my girlfriend

2. And to make it even tougher on you guys, I'd like to be able to make it without eggs, to make it truly vegetarian. Any suggestions? Or should I not fight 5,000 years of culinary history, and instead make her some nice Indian food instead? :-)

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  1. I would imagine that most recipes can be easily adapted to leave out the eggs. But here's a link to a recipe for vegan latkes. I would just substitute the whites of green onions or leeks for the onions:

    And here's an old thread that has a couple of tips for binding the latkes:

    1. Instead of latke's make steakhouse style "hash browns".

      Grate potatoes and squeeze out excess water, then add some chopped scallions and garlic (pre-sauteed until softened) and any other topping, herb, spice you'd like. Then melt a few tablespoons of butter/oil in the smallest skillet you have. When hot, add the potatoes and press it down to flatten. cook till that side is golden brown and then using a plate, slide the potato pancake out of the pan, add some more butter and then invert it back into the skillet and cook till golden brown and cooked through. Sort of turns out to be one big latke

      1. Hi there! What a coincidence, I just made some, *and* without eggs!
        I have an onion allergy, actually to anything in the "allum" family which includes, garlic, chives, leeks, *anything* = onions.

        Very easy.

        In place of onions, I used zucchini. You can also try cauliflower.

        I used
        i large grated potato.
        about a quarter cup of zucchini (Italian) -
        about a half tablespoon of white flour
        salt pepper to taste

        Follow the recipe directions below.

        This was a test batch. I ate two small latkes, and there's plenty left-over.
        When experimenting with a new recipe idea, I always make a small portion.
        A lot of the recipes I've seen have potato replacers such as oats, but I found, too my surprise,
        that the latkes held together fine. I think it's because I really squeezed the excess liquid out.

        Good Luck!

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        1. re: aDelphinium

          Somebody brought some into work last week that replaced the onion with parsnip, those were delicious too!

          1. re: ForFoodsSake

            Parsnips, what a great idea, I love parsnips! I'll try next year.

            Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

        2. I don't have any suggestions for the onion sub but I do for the eggs. My sister made latkes with flax meal instead of egg. I was really impressed! They tasted great- couldn't tell the difference from my own.

          1. Without egg is easy. I've been making latkes without eggs for years (and the time I tried them with an egg or two in the batter, I didn't notice a major difference / improvement in the taste or texture of the final outcome). When you wring out the grated / shredded potatoes over a colander inside a bowl, let the starch sit for a few moments. Then pour off the liquid, which should leave you a nice thick layer of potato starch (it will be surprisingly solid). This should generally be enough to hold the latkes together, whether you make the shredded style, or the more chopped up type. If you want extra "insurance", you can use a little ener-g brand egg replacer, but it's basically just potato starch and tapioca flour anyway.

            You could try using chopped green onion whites (lots of them) or leeks (if leeks are allowed). Won't be quite the same, but should still taste good. I would avoid the granulated or powdered onion / garlic if at all possible.

            In Indian pure vegetarian cooking (which eschews all of the "5 pungent spices", i.e., pretty much everything in the garlic / onion family), small amounts of hing are sometimes used to replace onions / garlic, but I probably wouldn't try that with latkes.