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Dec 1, 2010 10:13 AM

Lobster for Christmas Eve Dinner - Suggestions!?!?!

We've decided that we'd like to eat lobster for Christmas Eve dinner this year, but can't agree on how it should be served... looking for elegant and easy. (well, after the lobster is out of the shell!) any suggestions? thank you!

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  1. last time i had some good lobsters i made Lobster Thermidor with them. It was relatively easy, very tasty, and presents pretty elegantly. i based mine off of this recipe:

    but if i remember i added parm and topped it with breadcrumbs for a nice crispy topping.

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      Lobster Thermidor was the first thing that popped into my mind, too. Very elegant, yet relatively easy.

    2. We have lobster stew every Christmas Eve. It is served with crusty French bread, and followed by a salad of endive with roquefort and walnuts with a mustard vinaigrette.

      1. The Pan-Roasted Lobster I had at Jasper White's Summer Shack is one of the two best restaurant dishes I have ever had. Note that there are two versions. The summer one has tomato and white wine. The winter one is the one most talked about, and what I had. Though chervil supposedly imparts an anise flavor, I loathe anything that tastes remotely of licorice so I definitely would not have liked the PRL if it tasted strongly of chervil. Whether different herbs were used that day or not, I haven't a clue. I REALLY wanted to pick up the shells and lick them, but you can't do that in public. I blotted them thoroughly with the bread instead. If you make it at home, declare an etiquette amnesty beforehand! ;-)

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          i like the he reminds you that the handle will be hot in the actual recipe. i ALWAYS forget that and end up burning myself somehow! haha

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            We always have steak and lobster for Christmas. Two of us are non-meat eaters and just have lobster, which I usually steam and just serve with melted butter. This sounds wonderful, I will definitely try this year.

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              The Pan-Roasted Lobster from White's cookbook, Lobster at Home, is excellent. As I have never seen fresh chervil here--and not sure whether I've ever tasted it--I didn't use it. But I recommend the recipe, with whatever herb substitutions you like.

              1. re: nomadchowwoman

                I second this recipe. One of my favorites from the book, as is his Lobster Newburg.

                Jasper White's pan-roasted and Newburg:

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                  That is so gorgeous. You've just inspired me to make it again. We have a lobster-loving friend who just returned after being gone six months. This would be the perfect "welcome home" dish. In the PR, Rubee, did you use chervil--or a substitution? I think I used thyme, can't remember, but we loved it.

                  1. re: nomadchowwoman

                    Thanks nomadchowman. I love that cookbook - all recipes I've tried have been winners (baked stuffed with crabmeat is a favorite too). I can never find chervil either, so use tarragon or thyme.

            2. There's a very nice seafood lasagne recipe that incorporates shellfish, mussels, clams, shrimp and crab. Found in the Silver Palate Good Times. I changed it to include lobster, scallop and shrimp one Christmas and it was wonderful. I made a complete bechamel sauce and changed it again (omitting the tomatoes) used a little tomato paste, and it came out great. The pernod gives a wonderful flavor which is so different. Everyone loved it and wanted to know the recipe. In fact its probably going to be the Christmas Eve dinner here, that or lobster ravioli.

              1. only one seafood item? ;-) we've done the traditional 10 different seafood christmas eve dinner a couple of times. once for 10 people. quite the undertaking.