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Dec 1, 2010 09:57 AM

Michael's Genuine Brunch - What not to miss...

We never been to Michael's for brunch before and we're going on Sunday. Any standouts that we shouldn't miss? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Kimchi eggs benedict, Pop tarts, Doughnuts

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    1. re: dmo305

      The kimchi eggs benedict were already on our short list. Has anyone had the smoked swordfish dip or the beef brisket with egg?

    2. I will be there Sunday as well, sitting at an outside table. For me the duck confit hash is a must. I will also be enjoying, for the first time, the rock shrimp though I'm not sure if it will be with grits or rice cake.

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      1. re: stuartlafonda

        We are sitting outside also! It sounds like you've been there before. What else have you had?

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          I was there Sunday at 11, sat outside, and had a very good meal. We started with the smoked fish dip that was not a hit. Not much taste and compared to a baked salmon or whitefish salad/dip this one lacked punch. Not much smoke or fish. We had the duck hash and the rockfish cake and both were exceptional. The rockfish came on a disc that was a risotto of rockfish,chorizo and manchego, formed into a round, breaded and fried with a poached egg on top. Crusty outside with a warm oozing center. Loved it.The duck hash was a similar technique but with duck and potatoes breaded and fried. Same effect, crusty outside warm and soft inside. Mixed with the poached egg it was a gooey tasty mess. The bacon may have been home smoked but it was mediocre. Thin and way to crisp, it crumbled apart. Not very flavorful either. Not even close to Nieman Ranch or Neuskie. Having not grown up on pop tarts it made little impression on me when I had them last time. This time we went with the almond mocha cinnamon roll and it was fantastic. I loved that I was able to dip each bite in the little ramekin of iceing. We also had the fig newtons and having grown up eating them I was very impressed. On a final note, the regular coffee was a little weak but the tangerine orange juice was great. The menu and preparations change regularly so it is hard to suggest dishes. Did you enjoy your meal?

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            We had a great meal and I'm embarrassed to say that my daughter and I ate a lot more than you did! We started out with the smoked fish dip also, and the duck rillette. My daughter liked the fish dip, but I'm with you on that one. Too much mayo, not enough flavor. The duck rillette was delicious, served with little toasts, cornichon, pickled onions and dijon. Next we ordered the duck confit hash and the kimchi benedict. I thought the duck hash was good, but the consistency was a little too mushy for my taste - I thought the duck cake could have used a little more texture. Flavors were good though, and the duck egg was poached perfectly. The kimchi benedict was my favorite that day and I could have eaten 3 more of them! Served on a toasted crumpet was a piece of pork belly, slightly sweet, kimchi cabbage, a perfectly poached egg and kimchi hollandaise. It was a little sweet and spicy and the frisee served on the side was nice and lemony, which cut the heaviness of the dish. So delicious. We also had the shrimp and grits which I really enjoyed, though my daughter was really stuffed by then. The shrimp were cooked with escarole and tomatoes and the grits were creamy and satisfying. We ended with the donuts - one blackberry and the other creamsicle and they were both really light and tasty. We each had a cocktail with champagne and watermelon juice that we enjoyed. The weather was gorgeous and even the service was really good. All and all, a really great brunch.