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Dec 1, 2010 09:57 AM

Soufganiyot in NYC

Anyone find any particularly delicious soufganiyot this season yet?

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  1. I just scored a fresh, hot one at Yummy Yummy.

    1. Eagle's, in Boro Park (on the corner of 13th and 38th) makes good sufganiyot. I find the big ones to be a bit much but the minis are really very good. Meir on Avenue J and East 14 (or 13 or 15 - it's a corner store called 'meir's heimishe bakery) also makes really good ones. Chag Sameach

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        1. re: shoelace

          Just stopped at Queens Pita to pick up a sufganiya on this recommendation. Sorry, shoelace, but I was terribly unimpressed. The custard was tasty, but the cake part was dry, heavy, and just not tasty. Maybe I'm just too big a fan of Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme (oh, how I wish there were still a kosher one in NYC; I had the most amazing doughnut I've ever had at the KK in Seattle, this past summer!), but what a waste of calories and $1.50 this was. And is that what these things cost these days? It seemed so high, but I figured I had to have one on Chanukah. What a mistake.

          1. re: queenscook


            theyre very traditional israeli, with the thick dough, im in to the dough more than the filling, but if youre not, theyre totally not for you

            beigels on union turnpike, might be more youre speed, great suganiya, but just a much thinner dough

            sorry abt the recc that u didnt enjoy

            hope i didnt lose my "street" cred!

            1. re: shoelace

              Nah, don't worry. And at least I didn't have to go out of my way; I pass the place on my way home.

              1. re: queenscook

                perfect pita in fair lawn brings them in from brooklyn, also the thick kind with jelly inside like in Israel. yummo!

        2. re: brooklynkoshereater

          I second on Meir's. They are on Ave J between 14 & 15.
          Custard, Caramel & Jelly. So yummy.